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Should drugs be legalized or not (should we use them)?

I am and always might be pro the (right) usage of drugs.

We live in an enormous world, where humanity has stopped developing because of all the hurdles which we have put in our way to victory and brightness. In the beginning humanity was equal to zero, nothing but rocks, animals and no civilization. What made them change, what made them develop? It was their unlimited mind and supplies offered to them. Drugs are a breakthrough which humanity can use in order to surmount this hurdles and go to that so called 'victory'.

A great number of advantages would come with the usage of drugs. one main point in favor would be that medicine will develop at such a level, never imagined before. It has been proven that marijuana causes people to have less pain and headaches. Things such as LSD or other hallucinogens make a simple chemical reaction in our body that might awaken parts which are asleep or partly open in our bran, a perfect example would be the third eye or as we call it: 'the Pineal Gland'. I would also like to stress the point regarding business which might as well as favor a country for its own economical reasons.

A vast number of people would agree with the above arguments, but i would like to hear your opinion about it. I also want to inform you that i am not a consumer of any types of drugs, alcohol or other dangerous substances, as i am a minor which respects the law.

PS: Please people try to make the debate balanced not being all pro against one con. Make it balanced. Thanks for your time.

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    May 11 2012: There are some drugs that have great potential as medicine. Cannabis for example can be used in a large number of cases, from pain relief to curing cancer. When properly researched we can finally get rid of the taboo and start healing with this very potent medicine.
    Other drugs, like MDMA, LSD and psilocybin show potential in psychology and could be used during sessions to achieve a better result. MDMA has also shown to relieve the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

    With legalization comes quality control, education for users and less contact between drug users and criminals.
    However, there are also drugs like heroin, which are very addictive and harmful. Every drug should therefor be looked at seperately. Legalizing one drug does not mean we have to legalize all drugs. I expect that with legalization of the relatively safe drugs people will less easily be seduced by highly addictive, harmful drugs.

    The point is, people who want to use drugs will find a way to do drugs. It's better to have a controlled, high quality, educated drug market then a criminal, dangerous environment where the people that sell you the drugs don't care what happens to you as long as you keep buying more. This also makes it easier to do research on different drugs and clearly map out the dangers and advantages of a certain drug.
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    May 8 2012: Hi Mario, I presume you are referring to illegal, recreational drugs. Yes, legalize them but control them tightly or at least enough that criminals cannot compete. I'll take big government over crime. Provide information/education at point of purchase. I don't use any. They injure and the mood effects are a lie.