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How do you share your own music?

How do you share your music? In which ways can we share our own music and find people interested in it? What is your idea about its specifications?

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    May 7 2012: If you have created a music (or found one) there are several methods which i suggest you to share it.

    1) Post it on YouTube and share it on social sites.
    2) Give it to a person which makes videos (i would suggest AMVs) and tell him to post a video with the music.
    3) Spread rumor in your community about your song, i believe friends will take a moment and hear it.
    4) Post it on sites which are full of online people. (9GAG, FunnyJunk, Deviantart, etc.)
    5) Play the music in your city at loud during the night :)

    I hope i helped a little. Thanks for your time!
    Mario Çobo
  • May 13 2012: It is quite easy to share one's music these days, in any of many ways.
    What remains it for the music itself to be 'good' enough to go far,.. and also for ye olde marketing/publlicity whipping horse to be attended to, somehow.
  • May 9 2012: i can't really share the music i like because nobody likes avante anything. my favorite album in the universe is

    hard to share that
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    May 9 2012: My friiends share own music via Soundcloud and MySpace.