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CEO Life To The Brim, Inc, Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Retired

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Do we Ignore incarcerated men, women and juveniles or help Restore them back into community?

I am recent retired Department of Justice employee (Federal Bureau of Prisons)and Dream Coach. Part of my life's purpose is to Inspire, Impact, Empower and help Transfrom those in the space I occupy. Understanding that rehabilitation does not happen just by incarcerating a person, but actually takes place when the individual recognizes the need to change from the inside.

The likelihood of this happening is when (society) the institution create and provide programs for the inmate to participate in while incarcerated. Is such an idea grandiose? And if not what type of programs would cost effective and cognitively meaninful?


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  • May 18 2012: My personal view, I see so many I work with in my internship have criminal record (regardless of offense) and are often outcasts, they are unable to find employment not because they may not have skills or education but rather because they have a criminal past. Then you have people who cry foul when criminals are released and end up on streets or turn to self medication to deal with every day stressors. These people scream "get a job bum" .. But the sad fact many can't get a job because of their criminal history. When it comes to crime and having a criminal history so many turn their backs but these are the very same people who have very strong views on how criminals need to get jobs and get on their feet but are not willing to help. The inability to get a job and support oneself and give oneself a sense of being can cause one to enter this vicious cycle of offfending doing time and then on streets with no where to go and no one to help. People have to realize that many who do crime are not bad people rather just stuck in a bad situation and need help re entering society.

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