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CEO Life To The Brim, Inc, Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Retired

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Do we Ignore incarcerated men, women and juveniles or help Restore them back into community?

I am recent retired Department of Justice employee (Federal Bureau of Prisons)and Dream Coach. Part of my life's purpose is to Inspire, Impact, Empower and help Transfrom those in the space I occupy. Understanding that rehabilitation does not happen just by incarcerating a person, but actually takes place when the individual recognizes the need to change from the inside.

The likelihood of this happening is when (society) the institution create and provide programs for the inmate to participate in while incarcerated. Is such an idea grandiose? And if not what type of programs would cost effective and cognitively meaninful?


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  • May 13 2012: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prison_contemplative_programs

    We don't use the tools we have already, not enough. I wonder what would happen if prisions required inmates to spend an hour in study and meditation, instead of requiring them to stand, sit, bend over and spread-em on the whims of poorly trained guards. I wonder what would happen if prisons were set in the remote wilderness and the only shelter was that which inmates collaborated to provide?

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