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Should Mathematics is more important than Physics?

What is the key role between Mathematics and Physics?

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    May 31 2012: Human development is more like a bar graph than a cumulative score. We all need people to advance as far as they can in their own area of strength. Sometimes that will mean that the mathematicians are way ahead of the phsicists and at another point the physicists will be waiting for the mathematicians (thereby alerting, informing and encouraging them into news areas of investigaion). We truly need both to be unfettered so that their brains can soar and lead us to new understandings.
  • May 12 2012: O.K. thinking a little more. It seems more like should the language be more importan than the message?
    There are many messages and more. Maybe so. Of course, for a Physicist the important thing is
    the message: notwithstanding the relevant part of the language mathematics is required for
    serious physics modern physics or engineering etc. We might choose our hero to be Newton,Charles
    P. Steinmetz, Lord Keynes, Malthus, crick and Watson, van Newman, Leslie Groves, Deming, Copernicus,
  • May 12 2012: I don't understand. Certain parts of mathematics are used in physics. Other parts are used in
    business school. Look at taleb's books. We are talking about specific applications here. Maybe
    I understand this better now. When I was younger I tired of all the proofs in pure mathematics.
    But all of life isn't just canonballs and quantum mechanics. O.K. physics too is more than
    that is. Perhaps we are talking about reality and a particular aspect of the language to describe
    that view of reality, other sciencesuse mathematics, other uses, and things that are not real.
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    May 9 2012: I think Mathematics is a language of physics. Physics is a method of description of the reality.
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    May 9 2012: Your question is a bit like asking whether a tool box is more important than a mechanic. Each is fairly useless without the other. That's why many of the major branches of maths were developed by physicists.
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    May 8 2012: Physics is the Idea and mathmetics is the tools to transform it in human life
  • May 7 2012: I don't think that that's a good way to go about the relationship between the two. But, math is a major component in just about everything in our daily lives. What is physics without math?
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    May 9 2012: @peter very nice answer given by you.
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    May 7 2012: Mathematics is partly the language in which physical models are summarized. Problem solving in physical terms can use physical reasoning, experiment, or use of mathematics as a sort of parallel, symbolic form for expressing relationships. These are not necessarily alternsatives, but enter best into different situations.

    Mathematics is not only the language of science, though, having ideas and structures in it that have use of beauty independent of physical meaning. Mathematics is the language of models in economics as well, for example, but mathematics has theoretical dimensions that do not have immediate application to the physical world.

    I don't see how you could call one more important than the other, or why one would want to. Not everything in our experience needs to be ranked and measured.