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What should be done so that poverty can be removed.....???

Due to poverty only many persons are dying day by day because they dont have proper food, shelter,clothes to lead their live in minimal requirement also.... it is also a big topic for the countries which are developing like India, Bangladesh,Pakistan and many more.

Many steps were taken but many of that fails to conquer the poverty so can you please do comment that can help the people who are under poverty and cannot able to live their life properly ...

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    May 7 2012: yes poverty is a huge prob today . i feel better awareness and understanding would might help solve this prob .strict actions should be taken by the govt to eradicate or atleast reduce this growing prob .there are many root causes of poverty that i feel should be considered like growing population , corrupt polititions , lack of basic understanding regarding influencing corruption ,etc. Poverty is spreading in every part of the world like a conmunicable disease .Govt is trying to take active measures and acts against it .
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      May 7 2012: Yes Ritu me too think like this but only Govt.'s action or rules will not help to remove poverty........ i think few common people should also work on this ....... because in country like India if govt will do anything it will rarely reach to the people as our govt and our respected political leaders are corrupted.
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    May 31 2012: We need to inculcate a work ethic and a sense of empathy in our young to eventually irradicate most poverty. HOWEVER, the beble claims that the poor will always be with us and as I understand it the Koran expects evreryone to give alms to the poor.
  • May 23 2012: Till the time there is corruption in India there is less hope of removing poverty. Law makes a lot of difference in people's life. In the United States, there is a law that every employee at any workplace cannot be paid less than minimum wage i.e. $7.25 per hour. Also, job security is offered in many job areas. These laws are a requirement in a country like India. I have been living in India since i was born and i know that even a common man working at any level hs problems getting his paycheck or his lease approved.
    I think that it's time Swiss Banks open their reports to the world so that all the politicians with tons of money can be caught, tried and sent to prison. According to a report on the black money indians have in Swiss banks, all the money indians have can be used to pay all the debts, taxes. The poor can be paid Rs. 2000 per month for 2 years and India can become a better place. The Indian Youth will definitely bring a change within the next 10 years.
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    May 15 2012: Jesus says, "you will always have the poor among you."
    It may be hard or even impossible to eradicate poverty because capitalism is all about more money for a few people. But we can reduce poverty by showing concern and empathising with the poor.We should then put our money where our mouth is, and give generously to charities,orphanages and corporate social resposibility projects.
    Multinationals should adopt Bill Gates' Creative capitalism paradigm.
    Even if we do not win, we will be sure we've tried our best.
  • May 10 2012: I'm not sure what you mean. What exactly do you mean by luxury (amount of money, amount of luxuries, etc.)?
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      May 10 2012: no sir it is not related to ransom amount of money or luxury

      poverty is situation where people are not able survive their life properly like they dont have proper money to buy food to eat or dont have any shelter and many more problem so here i wanted to know different views to solve this problem effectivly ..
      • May 11 2012: the food part is actually impossible because of the carrying capacity of our planet so unless food is genetically/molecularly engineered there won't be enough. The only real way to solve problems with shelter is public shelters wether government or privately funded it has to be free or nearly free
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    May 9 2012: hi kashaf, thanku 4 comment can u bring some other solution to solve this prob
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      May 9 2012: welcome Miss. Ritu
      i actually dont but trying to know what should be done so that it can be erased from the future

      as in India there are many rozgar yojna (employment plan) which gives the people some seasonal jobs and also like Indra Gandhi awas yojna which gives shelter to the people this type of plan should be carried out properly and there many NGO which is helping the poverty line people to help them to cop up with poverty we can also help them so that they can do their work effectivly...

      Lastly i will tell if we we are taking a single step here to erase the poverty then i will say just do it properly..
  • May 9 2012: When you look at the spread of wealth throughout the world you come to a sad but true conclusion: the world simply can't support 8 billion plus people without poverty existing. Although there are many extremes in wealth in the world in a way it's impossible to avoid due to basic phycological concepts such as Darwinism where the best adapters will prosper while the less adapted struggle to continue living. If Darwinism didn't exist however, there would still be poverty in the world. In fact if all the wealth in the world was split evenly amongst the global population every single person in the world would be in poverty. Some people might say to print more money however that only creates currency which although often confused with wealth is extremely different from wealth which cannot be created or destroyed.
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      May 9 2012: Sir, actually i am not saying that we can totally end poverty but we can reduce it by diffrent means..
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    May 7 2012: Worthy of note is the fact that very few people remain in the poverty quin-tile 80% move out within a few years and 20% move to the highest quin-tile with in 10yr. The media makes this sound like it is a permanent condition which it rarely is.
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      May 8 2012: Sir actually i dont think so that actually poverty is so less and we got much influenced by the media nad knowing that the poverty is high

      sir if you want to know that poverty is also there in many countries and affecting people very badly in their life then pls have a survey of poverty of country like India.Pakistan and many more developing countries
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        May 8 2012: Don't think your country is unique, it is not.

        The same principle applies save the government convincing everyone that more government is better, as it most assuredly is not.

        Please review this video:

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          May 8 2012: yes our country is unique

          if your are saying that poverty has lessen then we are not seeing the changes........so, where the changes gone..???
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        May 8 2012: What I'm saying is that your government is stifling economic growth and that is why you are not seeing it.

        If you really want to learn something about this then take another look at the video I attached it states exactly what is going on in your country and NO IT IS NOT UNIQUE.
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          May 8 2012: Ok sir i will ...........

          and thanks sir for your views which let me know about this topic and sir i will say sorry if any words hurts you

          thanks again sir
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        May 9 2012: The first thing to learn about something is that you don't know anything about it. I would say that most people (especially on TED) have not learned this, have you?
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          May 9 2012: Yes sir i dont know anything about it but by the help of people like i will learn definitely
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        May 9 2012: I would advise you to take it quite seriously as understanding this subject will allow you to predict many aspects of economics and control your life that the media would have you believe is not within your control.
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    May 7 2012: Kashaf,
    its the problem that's prevailing every where in the world(though i'm not precise).in india you know the major problem is corruption which there by encourage poverty which there by encourage other effects. and in order to stop this i think government has find out a way that reduces the corruption level and provide jobs and other benefits to people who are below poverty level.
    Moreover, government of India did initiate an act 'NREGA' which aims at enhancing the livelihood security of people in rural areas.
    the poverty level of our country did reduce to some extent though i dont know the figures but it did.
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      May 7 2012: Chetan
      Yes i know the major reason behind poverty in India is corruption because whatever action are taken by Govt. of India is ruined by different corrupted people of our nation ............... i think your are also well known from all this.
  • May 7 2012: Education is the only key to solve this huge problem. If the people gets educated then only there is a hope to solve this.
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    May 7 2012: the best way to solve the poverty problem is not to solve it at all. because people can lift themselves out of poverty if left alone. but if you put any policies in place of genuine interaction of individuals, the progress is stalled that much.

    free trade, free movement of capital, no military intervention, no "trade war", and within 50 years, poverty ends.
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      May 7 2012: free trade,free movement of capital,no military intervention,no 'trade war' all these will help to reduce poverty but due to think it won't encourage illegal business??
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        May 7 2012: sure it will, it will encourage legal and illegal businesses as well. but i think it helps legal businesses more than illegal ones.
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          May 7 2012: It will depends from person to person what type of business the wanted to do
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      May 7 2012: Thank you Mr. Krisztian for your precious comment...