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What should be done so that poverty can be removed.....???

Due to poverty only many persons are dying day by day because they dont have proper food, shelter,clothes to lead their live in minimal requirement also.... it is also a big topic for the countries which are developing like India, Bangladesh,Pakistan and many more.

Many steps were taken but many of that fails to conquer the poverty so can you please do comment that can help the people who are under poverty and cannot able to live their life properly ...


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  • May 10 2012: I'm not sure what you mean. What exactly do you mean by luxury (amount of money, amount of luxuries, etc.)?
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      May 10 2012: no sir it is not related to ransom amount of money or luxury

      poverty is situation where people are not able survive their life properly like they dont have proper money to buy food to eat or dont have any shelter and many more problem so here i wanted to know different views to solve this problem effectivly ..
      • May 11 2012: the food part is actually impossible because of the carrying capacity of our planet so unless food is genetically/molecularly engineered there won't be enough. The only real way to solve problems with shelter is public shelters wether government or privately funded it has to be free or nearly free

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