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What should be done so that poverty can be removed.....???

Due to poverty only many persons are dying day by day because they dont have proper food, shelter,clothes to lead their live in minimal requirement also.... it is also a big topic for the countries which are developing like India, Bangladesh,Pakistan and many more.

Many steps were taken but many of that fails to conquer the poverty so can you please do comment that can help the people who are under poverty and cannot able to live their life properly ...


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  • May 9 2012: When you look at the spread of wealth throughout the world you come to a sad but true conclusion: the world simply can't support 8 billion plus people without poverty existing. Although there are many extremes in wealth in the world in a way it's impossible to avoid due to basic phycological concepts such as Darwinism where the best adapters will prosper while the less adapted struggle to continue living. If Darwinism didn't exist however, there would still be poverty in the world. In fact if all the wealth in the world was split evenly amongst the global population every single person in the world would be in poverty. Some people might say to print more money however that only creates currency which although often confused with wealth is extremely different from wealth which cannot be created or destroyed.
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      May 9 2012: Sir, actually i am not saying that we can totally end poverty but we can reduce it by diffrent means..

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