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Solar power from the moon

Off the shelf technology that can bring today's USA level of energy to 10 billion people around the world. A $600billion dollar initial investment 15 year timeline and we are generating revenues which will complete project in 30 years.
Build solar collectors on moon, microwave energy to antenna around the earth.
Idea Developed over past 35 years by
Dave Criswell, Phd, UH Lunar google solar power from moon.
Increase wealth around the world by bringing high level of energy
Stop carbon emissions
Clean up the enviroment
No need for massive distribution lines


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  • May 9 2012: Was anyone else reminded of Clarke's "The Time Oddyssey" trilogy? Couple of things:

    @Peter: "People are concerned that the .25w microwave transmitter in your cell phone might give you cancer. A 500gigawatt beam from space might make people nervous."

    Fair enough. I wonder though, could we build the receivers in relatively remote deserts/tundras? Nearly every continent has one...also, a lagrangian orbit is probably the best bet, yeah? No need for occasional trajectory readjustments (reducing the payload slightly, I imagine)

    @Krisztián: "[It's a]huge cost. with satellites, every gram of material needs to be carried up[...]a large amount of initial transfer is needed. compared to a 1-2 ton satellite weight, a moonbase requires probably tens of thousands of tons carried to a much larger distance."

    Right you are, which I imagine is why the space race is focused on tourism over industry right now. What I really hope is that this guy:
    makes a breakthrough real soon. If he does, we're all going to be doing the moonwalk for pennies on the dollar!

    Mining makes the most sense for the moon, here's some layman's specs on the regolith: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moon_rocks#Classification

    I know, right? We could have macbook pros built of moon titanium and moon silicon! Bet they'd work better too.
    • Jun 4 2012: Ti and Si are really quite abundant on Earth still... I think potential is mainly KREEP and in that the most important aspect is the REEs.
      That said, moon mining is still ridiculous because there is absolutely no need for it, and even when/if there is: the economic justification will continue to delay it.
      If I am wrong then give me one concrete example where there is a need for moon mining and then I'll talk to one of the biggest mining companies myself.

      As far as I am aware NO mining companies are even remotely interested...

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