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do people learn music for the Fad of it all, or is it genuine passion?

In my home town, Many teenagers, they learn the guitar and the boards thinking they are effective instruments to put on airs. does it in one way spoil the sacrament of music ? or is it considered a good sign of people's involvement?

  • May 7 2012: Music is one of the most basic art forms that even birds can create. Your question seems to imply that teens choose guitar because it is cool. I don't know anyone who chooses to create music because of society norms.
    Music speaks to the soul and we do it because we truely enjoy the sound of music. I feel sorry for those who don't appreciate music. Music can also be a career, but why would you choose a career in music if you didn't love music?
    If your heart is not into music, you will not continue to learn and play music. Only time will tell...if you stop it was only a hobby or something to try. If you are creating music when you are much older, it is because music is part of your life.
    This is not a hard concept to understand.
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    May 6 2012: So many people love music that it is natural to seek ways of hearing music and making music. Even the smallest children love to sing, and it is common for people to sing while walking or while driving or in the shower... their entire lives. Music is an aspect of culture that connects the young and old as well as people who are different in opportunity and belief.
    When teens choose to learn to play guitar, it may be because relative to many other instruments, they can learn without expensive lessons. It would be much more challenging to take up violin or saxophone in a self-taught way.
    I think it is only good, just as I think singing, even if a person cannot carry a tune, is a wonderful, life-enhancing practice that doesn't hurt anyone. The same is true of dancing.
  • May 9 2012: I used to teach guitar to (mostly) teenagers. The majority of them seemed to be really into the music rather than thinking it was 'cool'. At the time the Guitar Hero games were very popular and there was an influx of people picking up a guitar because of that so I guess you could call that a fad. Most of them didn't stick with it for very long, probably because it is more difficult than they were expecting.
    I'd like to see more opportunities for young people to get together and jam, it becomes so much more fun when other epople are involved and more of them would stick with it if they could take it out of the bedroom.
  • May 8 2012: Both.

    Oh, well. In your town maybe there is a tad of both leaning on the side of fad, but I don't think that matters. Maybe many start because everybody is doing it, but sure it does no harm to learn to play an instrument, and many must be discovering a lot about themselves, and then keep at it for passion sake.
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    May 8 2012: It is a good sign of people's involvement in my opinion.

    Music only gets spoiled if if it is 'cheapened' by commercialism.

    The sacrament of music is preserved if it remains a manifestation of genuine artistry and often raw emotion, and I suspect many of the teenagers in your home town are enjoying exploring exactly that - and long may it remain so.
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    May 8 2012: What? They love it.
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    May 7 2012: To answer your question...yes and yes. Any involvement in music is good involvement!