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is the society biased towards a certain community or a religious sect for the mistake comitted by one individual or is it unbiased?

the world has seen terrorism and genocide in the many different phases of evolution and history. one of the very recent ones.... the involvement of muslims in terrorism. should every muslim individual be viewd upon with the certain amount of sucpision in the airport? or do they neccesarily have to be strip checked? they are human beings after all. i see no reason why they have to be associated with the modus operandi of one individual.

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    May 8 2012: Terrorists, despots and yes, politicians are all vying for power. Creeds, and ideologies have always been hacked and twisteed to gain power. The power rule is "Whatever it takes". A total bummer that the innocents get profiled as a consequence.
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    Josh S

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    May 7 2012: In referring to a religious sect, Islam, you say that one person is the cause of all the suspicion. If this was true there would be an argument but it simply is not. Yes, radical Islam is a small sect of Islam but it by far accounts for the majority of the acts of terror on the country. Every major attempted attack on United States flights has been by radical Islamists, including the most recent one that occurred a few days ago.
    Most mean no harm and all are humans. But if we look to public opinion polls in the middle east we see that they do not favor us very much either.
    Unfortunately, the suspicion seen in airports, the strip checks, and the overall suspicion in America of Muslims does have legitimate reason, though it may seem unfair to the majority of other peaceful muslims.
  • May 7 2012: Personally I believe that the problems are created because we, as a society, have need of a 'negative other'. I don't mean negative in a, wel, negative way but as a reversed imprint of ourself. If you look at it, we define our cultures, religions and societies by comparing them with others. The other society is automaticilly a society that is 'less' then ours. We need the presence of an 'enemy' or at least someone whom we can critise because it makes us feel better. The idea of being all the same is actually terrifying for most people; to know that there is an 'other' who is not like us will create fear. However, despite our own ideas about it, society needs fear to control it's members. Only through differences between us and fear for eachother (and the notion that our own group is superior) can we create an identity as a group, wether that identity be cultural, religious or national.
    • May 9 2012: hi kim!!

      well yeah i understand what u r trying to convey. the Yin and Yang of human life. but only at times,.. we are stuck in a quagmire where the Yang is more than yin.

      The human mind is as unstable as it is sane. the same state of life affects us emotionally, and often we need such haywire to break out.

      but the same haywire should be controlled and it should not be let loose so as to affect other innocent people.
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    • May 7 2012: youp....
      my original intention was to introduce ethic and religion into this debate, but only later i thought about the other aspects of it all.

      sometimes, people indulge in terrorism just to see people suffer. and that is in particular one idiot crack pot who was excluded from the society for god knows what reasons. But because of the madness of this one guy, should the whole of his kind be treated the same way he was treated?

      why can we welcome harmony and live together as one? is it so a difficult task? why cant we chuck ego, religion, cast, sect ETC out of the windo into the garbage where it belongs?
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        May 8 2012: Anish,
        You are advocating doing the very thing that you take offense to. Why get rid of religion just because some use it for the wrong reasons? there are many aspects of religion that provide social services as well as hope to the believer.

        Just recently a copy of the Koran was burned accidentally and a riot broke out where radical Muslims demanded restitution. Imagine what would have happened if you purposely set out to destroy all copies of the Koran! You can't just get rid of religion.

        What makes you think that people indulge in terrorism just to see people suffer? And why are you narrowing it down to just one guy? There is an entire organization of terrorism in the world. And just to see people suffer is not their motive. They believe that they will suffer at God's hand if they don't do as they have been told.

        When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, there was a bad feeling about all Japanese people in the United States. The reason is that no one could tell where their loyalty was. Fear is a powerful motive. People will do terrible things when they are afraid. You can't dispel that feeling by wishful thinking.

        Your intentions are good, but you're not going to be able to produce results overnight. Politicians have been asking the same questions for years. But they realize that the solutions are very complex. It starts with dealing with what makes people afraid, and includes what is deluding their thoughts? if you want to see a better world, take courses in the social sciences and learn to make a difference. If you want people to be tolerant of you, you need to be tolerant of them. And that includes taking it in stride when their suspicions put you on the defensive. We all face those kinds of situations at times. Being courteous even when you have been slighted leaves people with a better feeling about you.

        I live in peace, even though the world around me seems to be in chaos because I choose to live that way.
        • May 9 2012: well Roy... as always, no offence intended. i am a wee bit sensitive when it comes to this subject. firstly, religion can never be destroyed, i agree. but what i am trying to say is that it is, but, an identity. how we go about leading our lives is hardly governed by religion. its nothing wrong being a fanatic, but there is a limit to that as well.

          and that thingy about japan attacking pearl harbour, from the li'l bit of history i came across in films, i think it is because japan didnt abide by the genevian war convention. and hence USA got put of big time. but we have to admit, people make mistakes, but putting them in quarantine.... well, i believe it sounds absurd.

          and i agree, sometimes politics has a role to play in terrorism, but WHY should politics have a role to play at all?

          and all of us are filled to the brim with compassion. and our intuition says the same thing as well. but people at time DONT want to listen to it, rather they are bound to their identity, which i feel is immaterial when confronted by something as fundamental as compassion.
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        • May 9 2012: hai kinobe!

          again... i wish to say that harmony CAN be welcomed. that one positive thought is enough to drive people towards it. And the so called bio, emo, intellect drivers can be dierected towards reaching harmony. it is not all that difficult.

          and i agree that religion cast creed ETC ETC serve as a spiritual, social and cultural routers. but then again they are mere identities. i am not asking one to give up his identity, rather look at it as one.

          I actually stated this because of a personal incident that had happened in my friend's life, where compassion had saved his life. i dont wish to get into them details...not now though.
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        May 9 2012: Anish,
        There are people in power that don't want to see equality. That is how politics gets into terrorism. Violence makes a statement that everybody hears. So long as people are willing to participate in it, it is a hard foe to fight.

        Stereotyping is built on fear. The United States is waging a war against terrorism. The war is largely against Muslim sects. Non-terrorist Muslims may not agree with terrorism, but they take offense of our presence because we do not promote the Muslim faith. Regardless of what our motive is, we are regarded as infidels. This puts us on our guard. We don't know who to trust. You can't tell a terrorist from a non-terrorist. If you could, 911 wouldn't have happened. Until we can read each other's minds, we can only do what seems necessary to maintain security.

        Throughout history, people have dealt with injustice and prejudice. I think we are getting better at bringing it to a halt. In the meantime, we do what we must do to lessen its effects. I realize that it is a sore spot when you are the target of suspicion. All I can say is pray that love will prevail, and strive to be a vehicle through which that love can be shared.