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How do you feel while listening to music?

Do you let music influence your life? How so? What type of music do you prefer to listen to? Why?

  • May 6 2012: music is what you want to feel out of it. I am a pianist. a certain piece may invoke a certain feeling, but it is rarely the same as another's feelings. feelings as such when listening to music cannot be defined, neither can it be measured. music is what you make of it.
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    May 8 2012: Playing live is addictive.

    The communication between the band and audience as well as between band members is instant, palpable and for the most part, wordless (I guess you could point to the lyric but I think that's communication on a different level).
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    May 7 2012: Driving home on a drizzly, gray morning from a shop that estimated my car repair to be very expensive, I happened to be listening to Cat Stevens, from the 1970s, on the radio. It brought me back to when I was younger, much younger, and the sorts of inner struggles I bore then. As the wipers swished away the raindrops, the music melted my anxiety over the cost to repair my car.

    Music reminds of us our continuum.
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    May 7 2012: I feel just wonderful when I listen to my favorite music (songs). I think that music is the pure language of the soul//heart. One's favorite music can create inside him//her enormously positive feelings of enjoyment, optimism, love, etc. I like mainly POP songs (not all) and I see myself as a lucky one that I can enjoy equally 3 different types of songs from 3 different cultures of Israel, India and the West.
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    May 7 2012: sexy
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    May 7 2012: music makes me feel the love,nature everything but depends upon type of music i am hearing ....:-)
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    May 6 2012: I live music. It's a part of me, I can't imagine myself without listening to music at least once or twice in a day.
    From the amazing 'classical' pieces of composers from Bach to Schoenberg, to the mind-blowing 70s british prog-rock (Pink Floyd, Yes, Camel, etc.) and things like RadioHead and Ornatos Violeta, I spend many many hours listening to music, letting it flow through me, felling things never imagined before.

    This is what true music is about, sending you to an outer dimension, to another universe. Listening to proper music in a darkened room, that's my definition of heaven.
    And if you try it, it will become yours too.
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    May 6 2012: Feels like being in love.
    • May 6 2012: oh yeah.... one of the most common feelings. it is felt so much that heavy metal invokes feelings of love just like classical ones do
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      May 6 2012: I know what you mean. And feels like loving too.
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      May 7 2012: Yes most of us feels like this only....
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    May 12 2012: Music really is media that lift me up beyond imagination, and bring me more enthusiast and compassion.

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