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How has enduring some extreme hardship profoundly impacted your life?

Twenty years ago, the death of my best friend allowed me to cry after the Army had "trained" it out of me. Recently marital separation has caused me to evaluate and refocus my life on deeper, more valuable things than pleasure, power, status and wealth. Voluntarily living to serve and care for others transcends logic and selfishness. It's benefits far surpass self-serving forms of love. Whether you are "paying it forward," "doing as you'd want others to do for you," or "creating good karma," personally making the world a better place probably benefits the doer most of all. Furthermore, the more you're willing to endure and suffer, the better the result.


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    May 11 2012: Dear Scott

    Hardship and tragedy has made me realize that life is a gift, this moment is a gift. It has taught me that I am always stronger than I think and that I am endlessly resourceful.

    I have learned to look at myself and know that I make choices... I choose to learn, grow and thrive. I have learned that no matter what comes my way, I can always find something to be grateful for. Gratitude is the ultimate resource and Appreciation is the gift that keeps on giving!
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      May 16 2012: Hi Aneesah, Have you red Hemingway's books 'For whom the bell tolls' "Fiesta"? Hemingway preached the entire world about the value of true grit in times of adversity but he himself chose another track. Life sure is a gift but its always more pleasurable to give a gift than receive one.
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        May 16 2012: Gurinder,

        The paradox of life!

        It sure can be bitter-sweet!
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      May 18 2012: Thank you Aneesah,
      Your reply also supports my thesis--that we grow the most through hardship. The "easy life" isn't really worth a hill of beans (though it'll cost you all you have).
      I appreciate your comment,
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        May 18 2012: Dear Scott,

        thank you. Yes "hardship", rising to challenges in a resourceful and generative way, all types of challenges even those we set ourselves (positive) to get stronger and more resilient.

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