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How has enduring some extreme hardship profoundly impacted your life?

Twenty years ago, the death of my best friend allowed me to cry after the Army had "trained" it out of me. Recently marital separation has caused me to evaluate and refocus my life on deeper, more valuable things than pleasure, power, status and wealth. Voluntarily living to serve and care for others transcends logic and selfishness. It's benefits far surpass self-serving forms of love. Whether you are "paying it forward," "doing as you'd want others to do for you," or "creating good karma," personally making the world a better place probably benefits the doer most of all. Furthermore, the more you're willing to endure and suffer, the better the result.


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    May 10 2012: Loosing 2 boys aged 3 months and 2 months to neurological disorder in the space of 3 years and at the time we were starting a family, had a profound impact on my life. God why us ? was the question that assailed me as I was a helpless witness to the suffering and aggressive medical treatment of my boys and our mental agony.

    However, in their death which was not in vain I have enriched myself in many ways in the years that followed. Empathy - Spirituality - reaching out - accepting 'what 'is' - understanding - contemplation in short become more humane is what my boys have gifted me. Their deaths and our mental suffering and agony has profoundly impacted my life. I can feel and empathize with the suffering of others.

    I have also learnt to soldier on and undertake social service with passion. My story LUCY ME will help in understanding what my 2 boys have contributed to my life. It is in respect of the community eating initiative started by our Spiritual Head.
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      May 10 2012: Asgar,

      Such a loss...such an agony..such a triumph that your spirit instead of being crushed flowered.

      I was a seed in a crack in the concrete, sun and water came and I became a flower and I sent my seeds out , with the help of the wind to better soil where sun and water came and they became that garden over there which feeds this village

      Asgar, your inspiring story and blog ( where I found the seed for the above) speaks of what happens almost universally to those who come to the ground of their being through suffering.

      .they turn outward to the wolrd they turn outward to service to the world and for the first time they know in the ground of their being what it means to be human..what humanity is all about, what our place in it is.

      A radiance of blessings to you Asgar.
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        May 15 2012: Dear Lindsay
        thank you for your radiant blessings and heartfelt comment
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      May 14 2012: The marvelous richness of human experience would lose something of rewarding joy if there were no limitations to overcome. The hilltop hour would not be half so wonderful if there were no dark valleys to traverse.
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      May 18 2012: Asgar,
      Empathy is so and so often lacking in our world. You are an inspiration, thank you for sharing!

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