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Is there a correlation between ambiguity of the hands/feet/body with the Left and Right Hemispheres increased Activity of the Brain?

In "western" cultures, often times they use forks and spoons (both hands) and in "eastern" cultures they use chopsticks (one hand) and holding the bowl (other hand).

I have been told to use both hands because it stimulates both sides of the brain. Whenever I don't use both hands, I am teased that half my brain is asleep.

Any theories or elaborations you know of?

  • May 8 2012: It is said that left brained(right handers) are used for analysis and logical thinking while right brained(left handers) are more creative. I supposed so because I have friends who are left handed and they are exceptionally good at ARTS.
    Perhaps being ambidextrous allows you to reach a balance?
    If not, it definitely has its physical advantages over being only a right or left handed person, as it allows you to coordinate both hands/legs when it is needed for playing certain sports, etc/.
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      May 10 2012: I think ambidextrosity can be developed and it just takes practice, but some are just born with the ability.
      • May 10 2012: Haha yeap! I practice my left hand to write and play badminton. It was really handy esp. when it comes to exams like history paper. There is so much to write and I practically switched hand to do it.
        Even playing badminton when you use too much of right hand and you will feel your left hand isn't exercising at all. lol