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How important "YOUTH EMPOWERMENT " is in any nation's development?

No one would deny this very fact that youth are the back bone of every nation be it developed nation,under developed or developing nation.Giving youth the liberty and the empowerment coupled with tremendous amount of zeal for me holds the secret of successful nation.I want to know how youth empowerment contributes in nations development.


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    May 5 2012: Empowering the new generation does help out a country. However, what you must not forget that these people have to fit into a system (how else are they going to partake?) and for that you need mentors and institutions that provide the basis for such growth. I have yet to see a project being formed by youth without having devastating structural issues, which then later cause a divide in the original group.

    Liberty, I would say, is not the right premise for youth empowerment. They always need to follow a cause, now you might call it an idea or a leader, to have any real impact on society. That means sacrificing some liberties for the well-being of the group.

    So why focus on the phenomenon itself? Why not focus on the structure that gives birth to such a phenomenon?

    I might have misunderstood you, but what I hear is that you hold in believe that youth empowerment is an event separated from the rest of society. Which it is not, it is always caused by triggers in society that do not only hold true to the youth of the country. If they did, the youth would be ignored.

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