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What makes a crowd-sourced (collaboration) project successful?

We see lots of successful collaboration projects, while we don't notice the ones that fail. Many projects succeed and many fail. What are these characteristics that make collaboration successful?


Closing Statement from Juan Calderon

I now have a better understanding of what a collaboration project should have. Successful Crowdsourcing (collaboration) projects have a goal with which the crowd has to identify. The project has to be organized in modules and have very clear instructions for the crowd to follow. The crowd has to be rewarded within the following categories (monetary, experience, and social/psychological. It is within the human nature to collaborate. Yochai's paper referenced within this discussion is amazing. The outcome of the conversation as was given to my class can be seen on this prezi http://prezi.com/eyb7vhlvidsu/crowdsourcing/

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    May 6 2012: Juan,

    Collaboration is right up there among the highest expressions and most staisfying experiences of what humanity is.

    Musicians encounter it and know it and a few outstanding solo musicians like Itzhak Perlman, Yo Yo Ma, Stephane Grapelli show us the power of collaboration in their recordings of collaborations. Yo Yo Ma has spoken of it as the highest order of musical expression.

    Something happens, something emerges that is almost mystical in a collaborative process..something greater than just the sum of the parts, the sum of the knowledge, expereience and talent of collaborators.

    The Flower Garland Buddhist tradition says that we are at once unique .and that our uniqueness is needed in the wolrd..that everyrhing we do literally pentrates all others..that what others do penetrates us..infinite interpenetration.

    Collaboration iis that process of infinite interpenetration where the best within us intermixes with the best of others producing a result that none of us could have imagined or achieved on our own but that couldn't have come about if the uniqueness of each was not fully given to the process.

    A beautiful and deeply moving example of crowdsourcing in the arena of governance and politics is Iceland's new crowdsourced Constitution..an ultimate excercise in mass collaboration..25 perfectly ordinary citizens workimg onlune in a fully inclusive fully transparent process produced a poetic and deeply human new constitution in a matter of months.
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      May 6 2012: That is a beautiful example. I hope we all followed. Do you have some reference? I was looking for a nice report, news or something to help me explain it on a class. thanks
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        May 6 2012: Juan here is a beautful and very entertaining yo yo ma collaboration with dancer lil buck


        all improv in group is collaboration

        if you google the flower garland school of buddhism or the term "infinite interpenetration"..good stuff

        A favorite and readily available video account exists of scientists on a train to theater in London, taking a break from a big conference and heated debates being presented, who through an unplanned collaboration on the back of a cocktail napkin came up with M theory. It is a classic and important example of collaboration because it involved no intent..they didn't gather to discuss the throery of everything..they were freinds and colleagues off to the theater together..each working in their professional lives on very different and somewhat competing theories.. and of course each intensely interested in the debate and competing theories ad ruffled feathers at the conference they were all attending.

        That's important to me because it means that collaboration comes from spirit and can often be unexpected and unplaed and uninteded..It's about getting ego and competition and the desire to be in control , get credit, be number one, dominate out of the way. These were all top guys in their particular corner of physics but on that train ride as friends commonly intrigue with debates and dissention at the conference the serenndipitousl collaborated to come up with M Theory ( parallel Universe)

        But of course it can't simply be explained..it has to be experienced it'sa jones..addictive..once someone experiences that personal high of completeness through collaboration singularity is never quite the same. I am sure every student in your class has had an inkling of that.

        Interested to know what happens. with your class..Send me a TED email and let me know?.

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