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What makes a crowd-sourced (collaboration) project successful?

We see lots of successful collaboration projects, while we don't notice the ones that fail. Many projects succeed and many fail. What are these characteristics that make collaboration successful?


Closing Statement from Juan Calderon

I now have a better understanding of what a collaboration project should have. Successful Crowdsourcing (collaboration) projects have a goal with which the crowd has to identify. The project has to be organized in modules and have very clear instructions for the crowd to follow. The crowd has to be rewarded within the following categories (monetary, experience, and social/psychological. It is within the human nature to collaborate. Yochai's paper referenced within this discussion is amazing. The outcome of the conversation as was given to my class can be seen on this prezi http://prezi.com/eyb7vhlvidsu/crowdsourcing/

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    May 6 2012: Trust and Everyone putting their best foot forward using all their skills and alotted time for maximum success.

    Also, unihibited creativity without fear of penalization helps crowd sourcing.
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      May 6 2012: You also have to design a mechanism for control. In the case of reviews for example. You trust the people into adding the review of your products, but there might be a troll that just wants to be funny and screws your review system. Hence you need the report Spam feature, right?
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        May 6 2012: Is this organization online?

        Well, naturally a collaboration would find logical people and the people who aren't doing their work will be replaced, unless it is online, then that person will be blocked; all of this with warnings system of course.

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