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Should students be punished by their schools for comments made on social medial from their homes.

In the news are students being expelled for comments made from home regarding their schools, administrators, or teachers. Should this be a matter for courts action ... no action ... or is the school discipline justified.

Remember the comments are not made on school equipment or while the student is under school control / school hours / school trips / etc ...


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    May 11 2012: Chris you didn't did far enough I also write historical pieces for a Russian site so you can say or do all you want. Listen most of us are into TED because we want to make a difference in the world. What little time I have left I spend it cleaning up the parks and the waterways where I live.

    I have chosen to raise my children because I see articles about police and their dogs being used to keep a school walkout from happening. That is overkill if I ever heard of it.

    You see I am becoming a Ukrainian Citizen because it is very peaceful here and I love the people. My mom is a mixture of Polish,Russian,British,and German so that might be why I like it here. Or is it the fact they don't have TSA at check points allowed to do what they want.

    I am very worried about children and adults alike at this point and time. Our world is at a very strange state indeed and we need to be careful in who has power over our lives.

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