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Should students be punished by their schools for comments made on social medial from their homes.

In the news are students being expelled for comments made from home regarding their schools, administrators, or teachers. Should this be a matter for courts action ... no action ... or is the school discipline justified.

Remember the comments are not made on school equipment or while the student is under school control / school hours / school trips / etc ...


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    May 10 2012: One more reason they should not have the power I know personally from one of the schools I had one bully push me from behind and another slam open a locker in my face knocking out a tooth and the principle and board did nothing because the two boy's parents were part of the school board.

    And cyber bullying is not the only thing we are talking about we are talking about photos and them talking about their lives on the internet. If a student has a grudge on another and has friends withing in the school system or more likely mom or dad does they could target a child and punish them for something that was not really a problem.

    Maybe someone could get suspended during prom time to make it so the could not be a contestant or other such activities. maybe someone could be close to being valedictorian and the Principals favorite child is in danger of loosing it.

    Because of me living in different places and seeing how some places operate I fully understand why the school needs to have nothing with out side time. It is easy for people whom have not spent anytime in other places to just read the news articles hashed out and draw from that point being clueless of the real world.

    By the way FYI until about 9 years ago most of the media companies were owned by over 50 companies. Now only 6 companies own most or them and they all are heavily invested into energy and political candidates.

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