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Should students be punished by their schools for comments made on social medial from their homes.

In the news are students being expelled for comments made from home regarding their schools, administrators, or teachers. Should this be a matter for courts action ... no action ... or is the school discipline justified.

Remember the comments are not made on school equipment or while the student is under school control / school hours / school trips / etc ...


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      May 9 2012: That is not the schools job or right it should be handled in court with nothing to do with the school. I agree we need to protect our children from bullies but the school has absolutely no right. That is for a Judge to decide not a school board.
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          May 9 2012: No no and sir you are responsible for your child's safety outside of school. If you cannot handle the situation you file a report with the police and then take it to court. Actually an employer firing you over a public piece is not really legal they usually say you are fired for doing something else. I was a web surfer for a Bain Capital company and they usually used the time clock as the excuse after something is found. I know personally I had to report anyone talking bad about the company or another employee. Listen your child's grades in school are your problem too. The teacher teaches it and then you have to make your child study it. The schools have no rights outside of their property. The principle is not a Judge. He/she may like to power trip and pretend from time to time but they are not qualified to do the job. Trust me a police officer or a meeting in front of a judge will make more of an impression on the youth than the school board. If we allow the schools to have this power kids can get punished for speaking out about things in their lives that the school has a different idea on. I have been a part of several walk out. Schools have no business policing social media.
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          May 9 2012: point made by: Schubert Malbas 50+

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          1 day ago: read --> Philippines: Students Prevented from Graduating Over Facebook Bikini Photos (http://globalvoicesonline.org/2012/04/03/philippines-students-prevented-from-graduating-over-facebook-bikini-photos/)

          here in my country where more than 80% are Catholics and sectarian schools run by nuns, priests, etc are fairly common, it is difficult to draw the line. sure they can withhold the diploma, but at the end of the day the school in this case clearly showed its narrow-mindedness and oppressive nature. it has no jurisdiction with the private lives of students, and those students are better off enrolling in government schools instead.

          You can find this post lower I just copied and pasted his because it is vital to why schools shouldn't have this power.
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          May 10 2012: Listen I am one that believes that our Country is loosing what the founding fathers built. The cyber bullying law is one that has a lot in it that it should not. The problem is parents are lazy too busy watching YOUTUBE or Face Book to be real parents.

          That is why in the last four years more laws have been passed than in almost anytime before by a man that his past from his own mouth has changed a few times. He never has a straight story. The new laws are to leash people. Like in Florida the 5 year old put into hand cuffs for talking in class. Do you not believe that is too far?

          One of the things I have learned from teaching abroad is that families seem to be in better shape and you know what is the difference is the people are behind on the cool social media stuff and actually spend time with the children. Bullies are usually bullies because of their home life. The reason the judge should be involved is what if the bully is that way because of mom or Dad maybe he/she needs help.

          Just because something is law does not make it correct or Just. We are talking about the moral high ground. From my experience the school should never have this power because the board could make decisions off of personal relationships. I have been to 5 high schools and seen two that were nightmares due to certain kids families being in tight with the board.

          A child's life outside school has nothing to do with the school. They should have no power if a school official thinks there is a problem not being taken care of they should notify some legal group be it police of Children and Youth.
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          May 10 2012: From going to five different schools I know how parents click with teachers at some schools while at others not so much. At such schools certain groups a protected by any means. If someone is in danger of not becoming the prom queen the principle could use these powers to handicap the competition by suspending them from school or the competition.

          We are not just talking about cyber bullying which is the way you are trying to swing this debate. We are talking being able to pass judgment on our children's social media activities such as photos or blogs. What if Johnny come on TED and talks about how they should be able to bring lunches from home and he feels like the school system is just trying to be a small mafia by forcing the kids into buying their lunches? Should the school be allowed to punish him?

          You do see the bigger picture or are you just to hooked into being correct?

          From person experience I went to one school one student pushed me from behind and the other slammed a locker open in my face and it knocked out my tooth. Nothing happened to them because their parents were to connected with the principle and the school. At the school any fight you were suppose to be suspended from school for 2 days and get four Saturday detentions they got nothing. I had to take several different days out to get my teeth fixed.

          That is why the schools should not have nothing to do with the internet. Is is actually illegal in America for the teachers to have contact with students through the Web. I am actually abroad teaching and my students can legally contact me on any social forum for help with home work. I also do my best to keep in touch with there parents.

          If parents spent more time being parents like they used to there would not be so many problems in the system. I notice in other countries parents are more like the older generation in America and spent time with there kids instead of blaming everyone else.
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          May 10 2012: Actually I am using my android so my errors are due to the auto correct. Point blank parents need to step to the plate and be parents. Sadly suicides are on the rise you should check into the prescriptions these children are on. A lot of the side effects is suicidal thoughts. The school system is to educate and nothing else.

          You are the secretive person. What is wrong you are afraid of people knowing whom you are? By the way I use British Grammar this is a difference and do to travel and using a cell I do not have the time to double check what has been changed. You do realize that British have different spelling right? See you run and check peoples pages to try and through rocks but you hide yourself. As far as noneffective my students have never gotten less than 7 on the IELTS. That is why I have the level of students I do. Big Brother has had that habit through out history until the people knock it down.

          Chris to be honest with you I think three words were missed spelled. And I am not going to through rocks with a person who evidently has something to hide from people by the lack of info on your page. However I would encourage anyone on medication to Google it and see what you are dealing with since her/she I don't know brought it up.

          We need to start taking responsibility for ourselves again and take care of the children.
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          May 11 2012: Chris you are just a useful tool. I teach British English because that is what people want and by my last name you would see my family came out of Scotland and Chris your petty points have no wait simply because anyone who is on the run like me and do not have the time to sit done makes mistakes because I am going actually walking and typing. What ever you are hiding is your problem.

          I feel the schools having the ability to punish students is a complete nightmare because of favoritism that could be held for others. Like I said earlier I have seen it first hand at one on the schools I went to. The same school there was another instance when a new student transferred and the gym teach during wrestling set him up against another student at least twenty pounds heavier for the two weeks we had wrestling in gym. I one group being bullied by another and the principle punishing the victims.

          If I taught children and one was in trouble I would do what ever I could to help. Even the at the park if I see kids getting too ruff with each other I go over and speak to them. You see I am trying to keep unfairness out of the school because I see how it could get twisted.

          These power grabs are just ways for people to feel like they have power. Some people even trolls that go creeping into other peoples pages and track them around the web and hide their own identity need to rip people down. School officials are no different and they build bias relationships with families they grew up with or have gotten to know through time.

          A judge should be used for extreme cases of bullying but would it get that far if the parents kept an eye on their child. This would not happen at all.

          It is a fact that a lot of the medications that is handed out to people makes people feel suicidal. I do take responsibility for myself and my soon to be child that is why I don't hide from people. Ideas like yours is why TSA is groping children at the airports in the States.

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