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Should students be punished by their schools for comments made on social medial from their homes.

In the news are students being expelled for comments made from home regarding their schools, administrators, or teachers. Should this be a matter for courts action ... no action ... or is the school discipline justified.

Remember the comments are not made on school equipment or while the student is under school control / school hours / school trips / etc ...


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    May 8 2012: read --> Philippines: Students Prevented from Graduating Over Facebook Bikini Photos (http://globalvoicesonline.org/2012/04/03/philippines-students-prevented-from-graduating-over-facebook-bikini-photos/)

    here in my country where more than 80% are Catholics and sectarian schools run by nuns, priests, etc are fairly common, it is difficult to draw the line. sure they can withhold the diploma, but at the end of the day the school in this case clearly showed its narrow-mindedness and oppressive nature. it has no jurisdiction with the private lives of students, and those students are better off enrolling in government schools instead.
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      May 9 2012: This is why the schools should never have any rights on children of school property and time. Cyber bullying should be handled in court or you will see things like you just pointed out.

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