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Advertising industry TEDx career development and recruitment days at multiple college campuses, underwritten by the ad community.

The diversity issue has topped advertising industry priority lists for several years without visible results. I suggests that the ad community coordinate a multi-company advertising TEDx career development and recruitment days at multiple college campuses, with a specific focus on recruiting students from diverse ethnic and international backgrounds.
As they looked out into the audience at the 4A’s Transformation Conference, CEOs Sir Martin Sorrell of WPP www.wpp.com/, Michael Roth of IPG www.interpublic.com/ and John Wren of Omnicom www.omnicomgroup.com/ saw few, if any, people of color. It was a credit to the agency holding company chiefs that they not only noted it, but put it at the top of their agenda.

A commitment to attracting people to the advertising business, educating and motivating them is the highest priority, agreed the company chiefs. “It’s ‘criminal neglect’ that we do not evaluate people and recruit like the best professional services companies,” said Sorrell. Roth pointed out, “If you look out at this room, it’s clear we need to do a better job of responding to changes in marketplace. It’s an issue of diversity and inclusion. No one wakes up saying they want to be in the advertising business. Without getting the talent issue right we will not survive as an industry.”
Wren pointed out, “In terms of diversity it's difficult if you don’t start at the campus level. That we are not on campus every year is a failure of the industry. Talented diverse minorities look at their choices and see other businesses with established track records of career progress.” Roth agreed: “The real issue is getting new talent interested in our industry.” Sorrell noted that agencies “don't reward managers for hiring and developing young talent.”