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What steps needs to be taken in order to make our planet a better place for all ?

I,m interested to have your inputs on how can we make our planet a better place to live for all its countries & even all living things

By better planet I mean a place where its all citizen/creatures could live in peace,equality, justice & etc.

Thank you.

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    May 19 2012: We should be open to learning and change; we should be tolerant; and we should care for the environment like a loved one. We should not get to the point where we think we've discovered everything about the world and its inhabitants.
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    May 12 2012: In order to make our planet a better place for all, requiring a large (very huge) force, that could only be implemented basically through one of these:

    1. There should be general agreement among others in this planet earth, or ...
    2. By having very strong leadership across country, that lead is not for personal and family, or ...
    3. There should be a very big mess, thorough and continuously from earth itself (earth quake or similar, but not from us), or something like "earth under attack", until all the inhabitants of the earth realize the importance of helping each other for the sake of unity.

    As far as i know, we don't have capabilities (yet) in doing these (point 1 & 2), and we never allowed to do for the point 3 (it should be from the outsiders).

    I think, so far the process for peace will be and is being done globally, but still involves the ego (unilateral interests). Because if it doesn't, then the limitations will be left behind and begin to create new boundaries that has greater chance to unite.

    Maybe we are heading on it, but at least, it has often happened in the area of ​a country.

    Less or more ...
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    May 12 2012: Knowledge is the key. You can't change anything until you know how. You can't know how until you learn. We often find ourselves in a learning environment that only tells us what others want us to know. We must be willing to think for ourselves and search things out. The fact that you want to make the world a better place is the first step. Education is the second step.
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    May 7 2012: By spreading message of love all over the nation
    Not discriminating other by color, caste,nationality and many more
    need to change firstly our mind and us then changing others.
    • May 7 2012: i agree with you Mr. K.Mamoon
      i also do not have belief on color caste ........
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    May 5 2012: stop corruption
    stop terrorism
    stop racism
    encourage love and support!!
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      May 6 2012: Hi Chetan,

      I also wanted to know how ?
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      May 6 2012: There were lots of things in my life time that were impossible but made possible today.