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If every act is selfish, is it impossible to perform an unselfish act?

Down to the root of every action it is selfish or is it? If it is, is then impossible to perform an act that is unselfish, that doesn't serve you in any way shape or form?
Can something truly be done mindlessly, like giving an homeless person change, can that act be done without any selfish actions?


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    May 5 2012: In my opinion it depends on what you think is selfish. What if your goals are not focused on yourself, but rather on the wellbeing of other people, would it be selfish? Even if you let them take their own decisions and only give them the resources or opportunities to achieve a more virtuous life?

    Now, you could say the choice is not yours. You let chance (tossing a coin) decide what your goal in life is, even if it is the opposite of what you want: would that be selfish? Maybe you can only be unselfish if you are unaware of the effects and have not defined any goals to chase after. Though most people would call that insanity I believe.

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