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Should potential parents, in an enlightened and advanced society, be licensed to have children?

So many children are left unattended because the parents are unavailable, either through both working, exhaustion, or combined. Many parents do not have adequate skills to raise children to be productive and prosperous in our society, and the schools cannot do it for them. 'Child rearing' is not even a required course in secondary school. Rampant drop-out rates, teen drug use, adolescent violence, teen pregancy and more are symptoms of the inabilty of parents to give children the tools necessary to survive and prosper in the society we've given them. These who are now criminalized and/or ostracized become adults, and put further stresses on society for their inability to perform functions needed and valuable. We therefore spend billions in police, court systems, rehab, retraining, re- everything. Should an enlightened and advanced society therefore 'screen' potential parents for their potential as parents, and regulate reproduction in society, and why? Of course there would be training for those who wish to be licensed...


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  • May 18 2012: Part 1 of 3

    The answer to this question is: Look to nature. For if one considers looking to nature from the start, most questions/answers become better clarified. Please note that I did not say to look at what mankind has done to infringe upon that which is natural in nature, which is tantamount to what is being suggested here in this "question," framed within what is appropriate for an “enlightened and advanced society.” Contrary to what the media keeps proposing, humanity is a part of nature, and not above nature and its laws, thus, we all need to learn together what nature's laws are in order to flourish.

    There is nothing enlightened nor advanced about a person or society that believes nature and its processes should be legislatively regulated. In particular, what has been proposed for discussion here is on the topic of the most basic desire within, and driving force of nature-that of the processes involved in giving birth, which forms the building blocks of life. ( here is one beautiful TED presentation you may wish to view on the subject: http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/en/louie_schwartzberg_the_hidden_beauty_of_pollination.html "I realized that nature had invented reproduction as a mechanism for life to move forward, as a life force that passes right through us, and makes us a link in the evolution of life.")

    An enlightened and advanced society operates from love and empathy, from giving to the care and concern of others, over and above any care or concern for one's self. Egoism (a force of reception) is inverted in its use from taking for self, to receiving in order to give to others, so that egoism transforms to being necessary only as it serves altruism (a force of giving). Science has observed that the mechanisms of nature operate in constant search of homeostasis-balance and harmony within ebbs and flows, giving and receiving, everywhere.

    Enlightened and advanced people's and societies live their lives in service to others, in empathy ...

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