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Should potential parents, in an enlightened and advanced society, be licensed to have children?

So many children are left unattended because the parents are unavailable, either through both working, exhaustion, or combined. Many parents do not have adequate skills to raise children to be productive and prosperous in our society, and the schools cannot do it for them. 'Child rearing' is not even a required course in secondary school. Rampant drop-out rates, teen drug use, adolescent violence, teen pregancy and more are symptoms of the inabilty of parents to give children the tools necessary to survive and prosper in the society we've given them. These who are now criminalized and/or ostracized become adults, and put further stresses on society for their inability to perform functions needed and valuable. We therefore spend billions in police, court systems, rehab, retraining, re- everything. Should an enlightened and advanced society therefore 'screen' potential parents for their potential as parents, and regulate reproduction in society, and why? Of course there would be training for those who wish to be licensed...


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  • May 18 2012: Part 2 of 3

    … with and compassion for the human journey that each and everyone is a part of, and that each and everyone is actually composed of, for we are all interconnected and completely entangled and unified with everyone and everything. Science-particularly physics, but not only physics-has been talking about this for decades now. (I refer you to a great movie by Tom Shadyac called "I AM" which, in an entertaining and educational way, speaks to some of the science of this topic of our interconnectedness-the full movie is on youtube.)

    The enlightened and advanced do not look at what is outside of them in order to seek to change that which is perceived there, but instead, look outside in order to check if the changes one is working on making on the inside, are affecting all for the best beneficial good of the collective whole, seeking to become equivalent to the level of nature, which always gives everything in loving abundance, and shines the sunlight and rains the rains on all without prejudice.

    In another comment, the proposer of this topic said, "Often these people hide behind 'their right' to raise their children the way they see fit - like they 'own' the child. Like a pet. Then, we as a society, have to deal with the fall-out when they attend school, become adults, and try to function as self-providers. We then invest in 'remedial assistance' because we believe 'they had a hard life and need help'. It's backwards to me. I don't know what the answer is, but I'm sick of it."

    Isn't this the true topic for this TED Conversation? So this is the one to be further addressed. Check the language used here. "these" people, "their" right, "their" children, "they" see fit ~versus~ "we" as a society, "we" invest in 'remedial assistance,' "I'm" sick of it.

    Please understand that no disrespect to the questioner is intended here, for we are all, if we are paying attention, faced with these kinds of questions in all areas of our lives on a daily basis.

    Part 2 of 3

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