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Should potential parents, in an enlightened and advanced society, be licensed to have children?

So many children are left unattended because the parents are unavailable, either through both working, exhaustion, or combined. Many parents do not have adequate skills to raise children to be productive and prosperous in our society, and the schools cannot do it for them. 'Child rearing' is not even a required course in secondary school. Rampant drop-out rates, teen drug use, adolescent violence, teen pregancy and more are symptoms of the inabilty of parents to give children the tools necessary to survive and prosper in the society we've given them. These who are now criminalized and/or ostracized become adults, and put further stresses on society for their inability to perform functions needed and valuable. We therefore spend billions in police, court systems, rehab, retraining, re- everything. Should an enlightened and advanced society therefore 'screen' potential parents for their potential as parents, and regulate reproduction in society, and why? Of course there would be training for those who wish to be licensed...


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  • May 18 2012: Part 3 of 3

    I'd like to encourage us all to consider that what families need the most is someone like this questioner to reach out and give personal touch and connection of love, care, and concern. (I'm not talking about money here.) Imagine how the world would change instantly if we all started looking after one another with the same care and concern for others as that of a mother for her children and family!? In advanced and enlightened people and societies, there is no "us and them." There is only one collective global human family where everyone is as your closest family member, and every perceived problem is actually an opportunity and a challenge for all to seek unity in its solution, and to rise from ourselves and draw closer to each other in guarantees of mutual reciprocity and love.

    Our relationships with each other determine everything in our world, and are really the only thing we all need to work on. In the same way the cells of the human body function to work cooperatively for the best benefit of the entire body, so too must humanity come together in mutually reciprocal cooperation for the best beneficial good of each and everyone, and of the planet that we share. After all, why are we all here, and what is the purpose for this life? All the best to each and all, as we continue together to answer these vitally important questions. Our human species and our world are at an evolutionary tipping point, and each and every person holds a piece to the puzzle that unlocks the solution for humanity's next level of evolutionary advancement, where love is the law. :)

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