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Should potential parents, in an enlightened and advanced society, be licensed to have children?

So many children are left unattended because the parents are unavailable, either through both working, exhaustion, or combined. Many parents do not have adequate skills to raise children to be productive and prosperous in our society, and the schools cannot do it for them. 'Child rearing' is not even a required course in secondary school. Rampant drop-out rates, teen drug use, adolescent violence, teen pregancy and more are symptoms of the inabilty of parents to give children the tools necessary to survive and prosper in the society we've given them. These who are now criminalized and/or ostracized become adults, and put further stresses on society for their inability to perform functions needed and valuable. We therefore spend billions in police, court systems, rehab, retraining, re- everything. Should an enlightened and advanced society therefore 'screen' potential parents for their potential as parents, and regulate reproduction in society, and why? Of course there would be training for those who wish to be licensed...


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    May 5 2012: No!
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      R H 20+

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      May 6 2012: Thanks for responding. I guess my question was rather closed ended. If you care to elaborate as to why not, I would be grateful.
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        May 6 2012: Because you never know who'll turn out to be a good parent.
        Parenting is a relationship, it grows and changes. Most people become parents during the nine months of expectation.

        So it's the regulation about it that I don't think to be a good idea.

        However, there are universals in education that people should know about when they're having a child. And I suppose it'd be of great help if governments paid for a few days of parenting school, for anyone who was interested and expecting a chid.
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          R H 20+

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          May 6 2012: Ok. Thanks for that.
        • May 6 2012: The problems with government subsidized parenting school are many. Here are a couple off the top of my head:

          What is the proper method of parenting?

          What else are they going to teach or not teach?
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        May 6 2012: WP,
        I believe there are basic and universal rules about parenting, just as there are universal human rights.
        Do you disagree with that?
        • May 7 2012: The only universal rule is a parent should teach their child how to take care of themselves without purposely stepping on the throat of another. How they accomplish this is where the disputes start.

          The only human right we have as adults is the OPPORTUNITY to freely take care of ourselves and our families as long as this does not DIRECTLY infringe upon another's right to do the same. Again, this is disputed because the weak side of human nature wants to get as much as it can for doing as little as possible.

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