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Should potential parents, in an enlightened and advanced society, be licensed to have children?

So many children are left unattended because the parents are unavailable, either through both working, exhaustion, or combined. Many parents do not have adequate skills to raise children to be productive and prosperous in our society, and the schools cannot do it for them. 'Child rearing' is not even a required course in secondary school. Rampant drop-out rates, teen drug use, adolescent violence, teen pregancy and more are symptoms of the inabilty of parents to give children the tools necessary to survive and prosper in the society we've given them. These who are now criminalized and/or ostracized become adults, and put further stresses on society for their inability to perform functions needed and valuable. We therefore spend billions in police, court systems, rehab, retraining, re- everything. Should an enlightened and advanced society therefore 'screen' potential parents for their potential as parents, and regulate reproduction in society, and why? Of course there would be training for those who wish to be licensed...


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  • May 5 2012: RH,

    What do you think the parenting standards should be?

    I did not even realize that the perfect method or system of parenting had been invented yet.

    Every method that has been promoted, so far, has had unforeseen consequences.

    Has the thought ever occured to you that there are too many different types of people, cultures, (sub-cultures) and so on for there to ever be a realistic standard of licensing?

    Good luck figuring it out, but I would suggest you look a lot deeper before you continue this conversation, because what you suggest is more than dangerous. It would destroy the society that embraces it.

    W.P. Baldwin
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      May 6 2012: Thanks for responding, but what do you mean that I should 'look deeper' before continuing this conversation, and how would it 'destroy the society that empbraces it'?

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