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What will the main demand be for the WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) sector in the fututre? (Question from a student engineer)

I have been speaking to lecturers and people who are involved in the WASH sector and I have asked where the demand will be, the two answers that I thought were the most logical and most resonated with me most were:

1) Commerce - Creating a economy for water, sanitation and hygiene equipment or 'products' such as hand pumps, so that people have the option to buy them at affordable prices, and the community can have value via job creation.

2) Urban - The world is rapidly urbanising and this will be the majority of the challenge.

*I am always pleased to meet more people from the WASH sector, so even if you don't write an answer, it would be good to quickly say what you do and where you work, so further discussion could be made.