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Actually I wanted to know that can we use Solar panel, dynamo as power source for a car....???

Actually question is that is effective to use Solar panel cum Dynamo for power source of a car .............
here concept is that we will use a powerful battery which will get recharge by Solar panel situated on top to absorb Solar energy and converting it to Electrical energy and by using dynamo we will convert the kinetic energy of wheel to electrical energy and by using electricity generated by both devices we will recharge the battery and we will supply the energy to the car....

Please do comments and help me to find out more information in this question..??

Waiting for your precious reply...

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    May 5 2012: How does the battery charge if your car is in a garage? Since most solar panels are only 17% efficent, you will need to have it under sunlight for a while before and/or after your drive the car.

    I think you have a good idea but I don't believe that car can be 100% sustainable yet without getting your power from a solar plant or another type of renewable energy source. Also, if you made this car a hybrid where it would use both solar/dynamo AND oil, this car's gas mileage would be dramatically higher than others on the market.
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      May 5 2012: Thanks Mr. Jake for your precious comment and for the sujjestion ......................
      sir if we use oil then it will be not fully dependent on on renewable sources of energy so i would like to recharge the car if it is in garage then we will recharge the Battery by power supply (electricity of home).
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        May 9 2012: Well where does that electricity come from? Most of the energy/electricity in the U.S. comes from coal plants that burn coal to create heat which then spins turbines thus creating power. So, the car is stil using nonreusable resources.... So how do we solve this problem?

        Well, we can use solar power but that is VERY expensive compared to coal (over 30 years it is about 3x as much money). We could use wind power but it is not constant and the wind turbines are expensive to build. We could use geothermal but as of late, no geothermal company has been able to make a profit off of this and digging the whole and then creating the facility is ENORMOUSLY expensive.

        Of course there are other ways we can go to, fuel cells, bio fuel, etc. But each has its own problem. Now you can see why it is so difficult to create a sustainable car/home/powersource while not spending a huge sum of money.
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          May 10 2012: Ha ha ha
          really sir you are correct :D