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What do you believe we would find if we were able to tap into animals ) dreams ie Things about the past, migration patters, animal behavior.

Basic mammals have been around since the beginning of time, and if we tap into their dreams we well have a better knowledge of them and find out things about them that we have no scientific explanation for ie such as the migration patterns of bats and Canadain geese.

Just an inspiring wildlife biloest in high school with an idea.

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    May 7 2012: I have been near pets of many sorts sleeping (tortoises, bunnies, birds, iguanas., cats, geese) who seem to have a rem sleep thing going..I have asked each.."do you dream" "what did you dream"

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    May 7 2012: HI Jack, keep the good ideas coming!!
    It would seem difficult, if not impossible, to 'connect' to an animal in some way to decipher their dreams. I also assume 'higher' animals have dreams, because of the twitching and 'action' our dog had when he slept.

    Could we even do that with a human being? Could we also hypnotize an animal?

    I believe all 'life' in the animal kingdom, which includes us, has an origin of that life, which comes from God, through heaven. We have a spiritual level, which the rest does not, which enables us to believe in a God and connect with Him and so live forever.
    Our dreams are on our spiritual level, while the dreams of animals are on their lower, natural-spiritual level. We, and animals, can do nothing, unless it is 'given' us from heaven. At least that's how I interpret what I've read from Swedenborg.
    So I very much doubt we can record or detect any kind of dreams, since they are from a level above our senses and thus science. Science can tell us That we think, but not What we think.