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"C-nome" sounds better than "connectome" imo ... what do y'all think? :P

Connections in modern cognitive science research are about much more than synapses. The mind is not contained within neural activity, but is distributed across many levels of interaction between brains, bodies, objects, environments, time, chance, and everything else. The idea that there will ever be one convenient place to look for a complete summary of a person's entire mind/consciousness/life is a philosophical trap which conflates form and function. The brain is constantly building & modifying a dynamic model of the universe for an organism to live and interact with its environment (which varies drastically across people, not to mention species). A cockroache's universe might be a single-car garage. An early human's universe may have been a quirky version of our solar system. In the future there may be a dozen or more higher dimensions in a single person's universe (er... multiverse?).

So yea... "C-nome" sounds cooler, I think. It leaves room for interpretation and development. (And it rhymes with genome, lol...)

  • May 8 2012: Hi, Karma Hunt-Sin !
    What a name ! You sound great ! :)
    I agree with all you've said. ' In here' VS 'out there' model doesn't work any more and doesn't promote any further understanding of who we really are.
    "We are a global network of neurochemical reactions " and ... we are much much more...
    Maybe you are familiar with C = h f equation , where C stands for a kind of quantum consciousness. You may check out here
    Some mark it as 'pseudoscience', let them, I like this stuff ; in its context " C-nome " sounds even cooler :)