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How is your experiences with Amara for TED Translations

As translation platform is moving from dotsub to Amara.
Lets share our experience and improvements which you will like to see in Amara


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    May 5 2012: As for now, not good enough. I have found until now some features lacking or insufficient on Amara.

    1. It does not save automatically the lines when you go down to the next line, like it was at dotSub.

    2. It does not allow you just to save without exiting. There needs to be a special saving button or alike, like in Windows.

    3. One can see only 3 lines of translation while translating. If you want to read few lines before or after your current line of translation in order to recheck yourself from time to time, you need all the time to use the mouse, which is exhausting. On dotSub one could see at least 7-9 lines simultaneously.

    4. For languages typing from the right side, like Hebrew, the lines of translation are not aligned from right. Each new line there's a need to press CTRL+SHIFT on right side of the keyboard. On dotSub, all the translation lines were aligned in advance to the right side for the right aligned languages.

    5. The summary and title are on separate page than the translation. Why not putting them on the same page of the translation itself, like on dotSub ?? Translators sometimes need to correct the summary or the title according to the running translation.

    6. The timing of each line gives you only the beginning time of that line. It does not give the ending time of that line, like it was on dotSub. The translators like to know in one glance the length of time for each line so that they can adjust as possible the length of that line's translation. On Amara, one has all the time to look on the timing of the next line to know that, and doing so hundreds of times is again exhausting.

    To summarize: I thought that the transition to a new platform is supposed to make it better for the translators -- perhaps it does so in some advanced features. But the basic features in this new platform seem to go backward relative to the older platform of dotSub.

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