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How is your experiences with Amara for TED Translations

As translation platform is moving from dotsub to Amara.
Lets share our experience and improvements which you will like to see in Amara


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    May 5 2012: I know Amara is 'young', but I find it too messy at this point. I really miss some of the features in dotsub, and the connected result on the TED page looks dangerously dodgy. Especially, the yellow highlighting of the reviews, clear signaling of WHO translated, WHO reviewed and WHO did whatever, that allowed constructive discussion : it seems sterile to have all the translators in all the languages exchanging around a same talk when the language processes are different, that's really too close to a public political meeting ; we were doing great discussing on the OTP wiki and I'm afraid messy crowdsourcing may endup in dumbing down or poorer results which would be counter productive. I hope it improves quickly, I would hate the world getting loads of mistranslations, and therefore misconceptions and misunderstandings around TEDtalks, especially those tricky to translate.

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