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An increasing number of teachers get much more payment than before,but why?

Someone believe teachers` educate skills will improve as well as their payment. I can hardly agree with them. I believe money has only a weak link with education skills.


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  • May 4 2012: I think the idea behind increasing teacher salaries isn't about an individual teacher's ability. Although you could argue that if a teacher's pay was huge, he or she would work incredibly hard to keep the job- put more time into lesson planning, etc. I think the idea more revolves around the fact that if salaries increase, there is more interest in the industry. If teachers are getting paid $50,000 a year, there will be some people interested in teaching. On the other hand, if the salary jumped to $500,000 (for the sake of argument) far more people would be interested in the job. If this were the case, schools could then be more selective about who they hire, and theoretically increase teacher quality

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