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Can we question the great thinkers of the past, will people even allow this? To change someone's mind is ALMOST impossible.

I love the scientists and philosophers that came before me and in no way do I assume I am smarter than anyone in the world, past, present, future. However in order to finish the work they started we may have to prove them wrong. Some of these ideas have become the truth we know.
If I were to ask Albert Einstein if mass becomes irrelevant at the speed of light would his theory be different? If I asked Issac Newton to explain meters per second squared (m/s²) could he or would it be better explained s/m²?
I believe in gravity and the mass equivalence equation, I just think we have to explain them so that everyone understands. These were just ideas a couple of years ago, relatively speaking, along with the center of the universe and the Earth being flat. Sure we have explained those over time but we are basically running out of time and people are getting very restless.
So we should probably start by finding ways to explain things.
Temperature is another issue we just have not explained to the masses well enough. If people actually understood that temperature was a battle to find equilibrium between all kinds of pressure systems, they could then understand why we have Acts of God and why some places probably should not have so many people.
The problem is not with what we will find out in the future because everyone is excited for that, the problem comes with explaining it to 7 billion people who have believed this other way their whole lives.


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  • May 9 2012: Buddy, "hardcore" scientists should always be trying to outdo their mentors. Staying static within the rigid structure of your chosen field of academics is for soft "scientists". Like Psychologists, Sociologists, Anthropologists, and Economic Theorists. And we all know how great they are at helping humanity :P

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