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Why is the idea that wormholes, blackholes and whiteholes are linked denied?

This is just basic characteristics of each in basic language: A black swallows matter. A whitehole spits out matter. Wormholes are tunnels in which matter goes in at one end and is let out at the other end. To me, i feel that it makes sense that a wormhole could be the tunnel between a whitehole and a blackhole. Meaning the black hole would swallow up matter, pass through the worm hole and that matter is ejected at the whitehole.

Please share anything, i am really curious about this.

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    Mar 12 2011: I am not an expert on this topic, but my answer would be:

    The concepts of black, white and worm holes are all concepts that has their roots in Einsteins general theory of relativity. As such I think they appear as completely different concepts, where black and white holes appears as "singularities" in the solutions while wormholes are more like the hole in a doughnut that connects the top and the bottom of it.

    White holes and wormholes are still only hypothetical structures that according to the theory are allowed but it is not now if they actually exist. But as they appear in theory they are different concepts.
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      Mar 15 2011: Oh, that makes so much more sense(:
      Thanks Kristofer