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How do you get yourself out of a rut? How do you overcome frustration and procrastination?

At times I feel like I am stuck in a rut, going round and round in a hamster wheel, which ultimately making me feel frustrated at myself, but then when it comes to making a change, it seems that no matter how much I think or plan I never get ahead. I want to see how people go around this.

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    May 5 2012: By not imposing a will & just hope for change is strong enough to be the basis of the establishment of new patterns of action. It's about the art of hoping something.

    Our direction:

    Look for the biggest passion in a day that always comes up. It's possible that this is going to happen to you one day ahead, or one week in advance. Depends on how often that desire to be the greatest desire for a few days.

    Changing our direction:

    1. Decide what kind of life you want
    2. Expect what you want as something that MUST BE HAPPENED, and let this be the biggest passions in one day
    3. Repeat what you expect as the greatest desire for a few days, and hopefully by maintaining this desire, then the closer you are to a large force that will govern your own life in the most appropriate synchronization. Lucky you, if this synchronization gives something as you needed (but if it doesn't, you will always have other replacement better for your life)
    4. Reinforce success with not only having specific desire as the biggest passion in one day, but maintaining that desire almost 24 hours a day, and for several days, continuing, and you will see something is happening as you wish or anything good for your life (whatever it is)

    Sometimes just by maintaining a desire, it's also tiring. Sometimes i even have difficulties to maintain a strong desire, but at least, as far as conditions are met, the results are more certain.

    The key is trying to pick a passion, based on an understanding of the necessity, or something that is expected as an urgent need. It may be easier for us to raise & maintain the associated desire.

    Sufficient knowledge & understanding of the responsibilities makes it easy (hopefully) to get a lot of strong desire to be the assets to be picked in the future as our "wishes come true".

    Less or more ..
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    jag .

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    May 4 2012: This one helped me alot

    Also a 30 day challenge is great

    Enjoy :)
  • May 3 2012: Being there myself, I think *rut* is probably one of
    IMHO, *rut* is more of a perception issue than related to physical pain.

    A *rut* is
    a) a consequence of your own course of actions
    -- dealing with this will be easiest, since you'd be the first one to forgive yourself, ofcourse you also should realize you had a part to play, so you will not repeat it in future, hopefully

    b) there is a natural calamity where you are not alone
    ---dealing with this: you are not alone, it was beyond your control, so there should not be a *rut* precieved
    c) you met with a personal tragedy which you didn't expect to happen
    --- you should believe in *external* and factors which again reduces to b)
    Sometimes, when you have some possessions (such as loved ones, material wealth etc) lost, you should *sort of* prepare yourself to the fact that you can lose them for reasons beyond you. Then you'd feel less pain when such person/thing is no more with you.

    I could have missed a d) but you can list it. Once you classify the cause into one of such above list.

    hoping this makes sense. I believe b, c, d... will usually not lead you to feeling you are in *rut* since they usually are external factors.

    I believe this way of thinking is influenced by Buddhism
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    May 10 2012: Hi Shelley, Read the book 'Eat That Frog' by the brilliant Brian Tracy. It has really helped me and my colleagues get more done. It's short, clever and practical. It deals with just the issues you discuss.
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    May 4 2012: Hi Shelley,

    A person who relys 100% on self motivation will wind down into a rut.
    This is the value of coaches. IT does not have to be a professional coach, but they often have a better set of technique.
    As a small start, you might share one of your goals with a friend or family member, discuss it, and decide if it is truly what you want to do, then promise that friend or family member that you will do it *for them*.

    People, are made for people. It is how it all works.
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    May 4 2012: even i do face it!!and i always try to find out an optimized solution for it which in turn make me engaged for long!!