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Would you pay for social networking?

In his talk, Kovacs discusses how advertizing companies track us across the internet without our knowledge or consent. The data they collect reveals a great deal about us and is not secure.

Most web companies will already turn personal data over to law enforcement without asking for a warrant and without your knowledge. And it seems like every time we turn around, Facebook is trying to implement some kind of change that erases all our privacy settings without our consent.

All of this happens because we are not the customers of these websites. We are the product they sell to advertising companies. So the question is: do you want to be a customer? Online games are able to make a profit charging their subscribers only a few dollars a month. Would you pay a similar fee for social networking if it meant not having to look at ads, and more importantly, having better control over what gets done with your data?

I know I would. If you feel similarly, it's time to let programmers know there is a potential business opportunity here.


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  • May 6 2012: funny,....that is the reason i dont use Facebook,.....but some how i still get spam,...crazy......and i wish we wern't mindless zombies...........

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