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Why are humans never content?

All of us want more. But why, even if we have it all, a loving a family, a beautiful home and well paid job, what more could we want? But of course there is always that shiny new car or a higher paid job or even that younger better looking spouse.
We are (almost) without doubt super intelligent beings. So how is it that we are incapable of being 100% satisfied with our lives.
Not that this is necessarily a bad thing because it is probably the very same discontent feelings that has enabled us to evolve into this advanced animal lying at the top of the food chain looking down on the rest through the lens of an iphone camera.
Conversely there are some who supposedly have been 100% content with their lives. Though i am rather sceptical, I am referring to those who have reached the state of enlightenment, like the buddha or maybe even the Dalai Lama. But is this state of mind (all though desirable) even possible? I don't think anyone can resist the sweet temptation of wanting some form of improvement to their world.
Maybe these "enlightened folk" have just wholly accepted the fact that you will never be completely satisfied. In other words to be content with never being Content, that is about as close as i can interpret the fantasy of enlightenment. But i'm just not content with that.

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    May 4 2012: Dear Zac,
    I am content, and have been so most of my life. Contentment is a choice. There are many people in our world who have very little materialistically, and are very content with their life experience. The only thing I want more of is learning, and I will be doing that until I take my last breath...and maybe beyond:>)

    You have named it appropriately dear Zac...a "state of mind". Perhaps it is not actually accepting being "content with never being content". Maybe it's more like being comfortable with discomfort at know...making lemonade out of lemons:>)
  • May 4 2012: Contentment occurs in the moment where you recognize and appreciate everything you have and have accomplished. When you step outside of the moment you are in the past or future, and you may feel regret for what you have done, or not done.

    Colleen talks of living in the moment also. Live in the moment, set the intention of what you desire, release the past, and let your life unfold in front of you. There is an intelligence far greater than our IQ, a bigger picture if you will. Tap into this intelligence by living in the moment and you will be guided into a fabulous future, one step at a time. And as Colleen also stated, YOU CAN MAKE CHOICES!
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    May 3 2012: because we have reasons to believe that there is more.
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    May 4 2012: "We are (almost) without doubt super intelligent beings. So how is it that we are incapable of being 100% satisfied with our lives."

    I'm not sure intelligence equates with life satisfaction and contentment, especially given that the modern definition of intelligence is related to complexity and quantity of knowledge.

    Aren't the most contented people those who are in a position to simplify their lives through, as an example, the quality and sustainabilty of indigenous, local knowledge? Is simplification therefore dumb, or intelligent?
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      May 4 2012: Hi Allan,
      Perhaps it depends on what kind of intelligence we are talking about? I agree that the most contented people are those who can make decisions to simplify their lives, if that is what will help create contentment. Many people are very intelligent, and still cannot make the choices which will bring more contentment to their lives. I don't get it, but then, their choices are not my responsibility.

      I've had very, very intelligent people say they want to live the kind of life I live....content. And yet, they will not make the simple choices which might facilitate what they say they want. I think/feel that one underlying factor is that many people seem to give up the idea that we have choices.
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    May 4 2012: its human psychology!!
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    May 31 2012: It might be because many of us have children and what seemed 'good enough" for us does not feel 'good enough' for our kids when we know we can do better.
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    May 29 2012: I think the question would be more appropriately asked, "Why are the domesticated humans never content?" There are true human-beings expeiencing contentmentall around the world. Don't worry though, it won't be long before we bring to them democracy, running water, and equal rights for their women and then they will be as miserable as we are.
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    May 28 2012: It is human to have desires. Sometimes our instincts tempts us to think that every desire, when it is strong, is thus healthy and reasonable.
    But the world would be a wilder and more hostile place if all desires are permitted. One man could grab a woman and rape her if his 'thing' rises; I can enter a KFC outlet and grab your chicken because the aroma made me salivate.
    For the world to be a happy place, quite a lot of restraint is neccessary. Sometimes far too much restraint than we are willing to have.
    A surrender to all our desires would result in anger,jealousies,lies,war and intolerance. Every civilised, reasonable and sane human must have a set of principles by which he or she chooses to reject some instincts and to permit others.

    Humanity is plagued by knowing what ought to be done and not doing it. We usually take the easy way, because at times the right thing is not the convinient; sometimes societal good clashes with our appetites. And so far, most of us are not good at being masters over our appetite.
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    May 27 2012: Stimulating question, Zac. I would say because the world we are born in is designed that way, offering us a new opportunity to expand and grow at every step. Being content is a good thing but 'not being content' makes you go for more, which is also a good thing as long as it is making a positive impact on our life and not taking the form of greed. At some point in their life, one has to find their state of content. Happy are those who find it early in life though we all know that is rare.
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    May 8 2012: Basically, our inner self always search for ultimate happiness. And when we bring something that is considered a happiness for ourselves, but it's not (naturally), then instinctively we are pushed to dissatisfied and cause a range of curious then we need to find some other things that differ from the past.

    In certain people that realize their lives are filled with fairness, they tend to be satisfied. But the best fairness is when we are able to expand our consciousness, which can be directed to achieve long lasting happiness that covered with gratitude & sincere love.

    Why are humans never content? Because they couldn't get fairness.

    Less or more ...
  • May 4 2012: Contentment is death because growth stops at that stage.

    Even people like Buddha never achieved contentment. They started searching for something more valuable. In that process, they ignored the low-valued materialistic world.

    As we grow and find valuable things, we start ignoring low valued things. Read this article to grow faster in life.
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      May 4 2012: Dear Sitaram,
      Are you confusing the words content and complacent?

      Your link suggests that we utilize full potential, capability and concentration.

      One who is content, often utilizes full potential and capabilities while focusing/concentrating and living in the moment.

      One who is complacent, may not, as the word means self-satisfied, or unconcerned. Perhaps it is a "complacent" person who might benefit from additional focus, concentration and utilizing potential and capabilities?

      Personally, I feel content and very much alive:>)