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Why are humans never content?

All of us want more. But why, even if we have it all, a loving a family, a beautiful home and well paid job, what more could we want? But of course there is always that shiny new car or a higher paid job or even that younger better looking spouse.
We are (almost) without doubt super intelligent beings. So how is it that we are incapable of being 100% satisfied with our lives.
Not that this is necessarily a bad thing because it is probably the very same discontent feelings that has enabled us to evolve into this advanced animal lying at the top of the food chain looking down on the rest through the lens of an iphone camera.
Conversely there are some who supposedly have been 100% content with their lives. Though i am rather sceptical, I am referring to those who have reached the state of enlightenment, like the buddha or maybe even the Dalai Lama. But is this state of mind (all though desirable) even possible? I don't think anyone can resist the sweet temptation of wanting some form of improvement to their world.
Maybe these "enlightened folk" have just wholly accepted the fact that you will never be completely satisfied. In other words to be content with never being Content, that is about as close as i can interpret the fantasy of enlightenment. But i'm just not content with that.


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  • May 4 2012: Contentment is death because growth stops at that stage.

    Even people like Buddha never achieved contentment. They started searching for something more valuable. In that process, they ignored the low-valued materialistic world.

    As we grow and find valuable things, we start ignoring low valued things. Read this article to grow faster in life.
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      May 4 2012: Dear Sitaram,
      Are you confusing the words content and complacent?

      Your link suggests that we utilize full potential, capability and concentration.

      One who is content, often utilizes full potential and capabilities while focusing/concentrating and living in the moment.

      One who is complacent, may not, as the word means self-satisfied, or unconcerned. Perhaps it is a "complacent" person who might benefit from additional focus, concentration and utilizing potential and capabilities?

      Personally, I feel content and very much alive:>)

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