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Who is the happiest or the most passionate TED speaker who you choose ??

Who is the happiest or passionate TED speaker who you choose ?? Of course, almost all of speakers are passionate and looks happy when they speak. But who is the best one ?
Please share if you already find such speaker :)

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    May 4 2012: Sarah Kay is such a breath of fresh air, and she has to be in the conversation for this title.
    • May 4 2012: Spoken words have strong power.... She also has power for people to change the point of view in daily life.
      The world she sees is totally different from me and noticing that seems to be important. It will be the start point to understand new world.

      Thank you. She is the best one. I'll see another one of her speech.
    • May 6 2012: Indeed Dan. Actually I have enjoyed many of the online performances from the Bowery Poetry Club and I cant wait to visit in person. Taylor Mali also has one on TED from the club:

      Very passionate! I love it!

      (you may notice Billy Collins on stage with Taylor...)
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    May 4 2012: Taketomosan,

    This is one of our favorites.....joyful, happy, amazing, lifts your spirit, and shows cooperation in another dimension.
    Watch all the shiny eyes....behind the speaker........Three powerful minutes....Enjoy :)
    • May 5 2012: I like this. I like this ! He realized "entertainment × learning" at the same time in curious way.

      We can learn from his way. It must be hint when thinking about learning.

      I'll see full movie when having time. Thank you.
  • May 4 2012: I like Philippe Starck. This is powerful presentation.
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      May 4 2012: I had not seen his talk before. Thank you so much. He has a wonderful personality, and has what the French call "joy of life" yes?!!
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    May 3 2012: Ohayo gozaimasu Taketomo,

    Benjamin Zander was the first one that popped into my mind.......hope you have shiny eyes after watching his presentation.

  • May 5 2012: Here is definitely one of my votes:
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      May 5 2012: Enrico, look below.......I gave it to him already....

      Have you seen this one?
      • May 6 2012: Amazing.... I saw related movies. I could enjoy ! thanks :)
      • May 6 2012: Mary, I realise that my comment may have been better a reply to yours.

        I do love Improv Everywhere. I hadnt seen the "Gotta Share" one, cheers!
    • May 5 2012: Definitely Yes Enrico, he is also best one, Thank you.
  • May 4 2012: Arigato gozaimasu Marysan

    He is quite brilliant. I like his word : SHINING EYES. It is the basis of happiness beyond any doubt.
    He tells us important things through classical music, and then, we have shiny eyes naturally.
    I can understand what you say.
    Thank you very much.
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      May 4 2012: Dōitashimashite どういたしまして Taketomo,

      And, here is another happy fellow.......a scientist.......whose enthusiasm is contagious.

      • May 4 2012: First, I saw his eyes. Shining ! Once presentation started, he attracted all audience soon by his character.

        Also, I was surprised that his ability.

        I envy his curiosity. It seems to directly lead to his energy.

        Thank you. It was enjoying time.
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          May 5 2012: I am so glad you enjoyed it.

          This video is great for teachers who give science classes don't you think?
      • May 5 2012: Exactly yes. Students must be attracted by his personality. He is the very best who have both passion and cool head.