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When you have a great idea, what will you do?

Do you know what to do when you have a great idea? Patents office, United Nations, TED, political leaders, NGOs and many other organizations are asking for ideas. Do you think they will listen to you? Do you think your idea will be considered? Do you think you will get a reply when you send a query? Do you think your idea will be protected?

Do you know any contacts that respond promptly, clarify your doubts and give you proper direction?

Simply, when you have a great idea, what will you do? Or what did you do with your idea?

  • May 3 2012: There are many people out there that have ideas. The difficult part is to execute them. If the idea relates to technology then you should create a working prototype.

    I would first discuss it here or at other forums in detail.
    • May 4 2012: You have discussed your idea in a forum. You have understood that your idea is great and can help large population of the world. What next? What will you do after that?
      • May 5 2012: It depends on what exactly your idea is. Some ideas are too big and you need to start small.

        Do you want to share your idea here? I can then provide you with a better comment.

        For any idea, start small and do a little every day or so. Inspire people to join your cause.
        • May 5 2012: Some ideas can be implemented with bottom up approach. But there are ideas that have to be implemented in top-down approach only. Otherwise our life time is not enough to complete that and world will change by then and value of our idea goes down.

          Read "Pollution and Global warming" article from This solution is very urgent and necessary for the current situation of the world. Is there anybody to listen?
      • May 5 2012: "But there are ideas that have to be implemented in top-down approach only. "

        I think any idea can be implemented by enough people caring and influencing their government and the world. Just look at Gandhi and other past figures with little initial influence.

        Good luck.
        • May 7 2012: The revolutionary idea of great Mahatma Gandhi needed bottom-up approach because people's support was a key to that idea. It took about 40 years for him to gain full support. That is short duration for large population of India.

          When we find a vaccine for a highly spreading disease, we need to go in top-down approach. Otherwise by the time we take care of our village, the disease spreads to whole world. Is it meaningful, so many people suffering when a working vaccine is available to prevent it? Success of polio vaccine is achieved only after it is implemented in top-down approach.

          Importance and urgency drives the approach to take.

          Sitaram Naik