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How to get rid of fear?

I'm not talking about phobias or individuals' fears. I'm talking about a society that has elevated fear as one of its prime guiding principles.

In the West, subjects are controlled by an unending stream of messages that induce fear - by a politics of fear. This turns us into weak, unfree, easily controllable slaves who kill their creative potential:

-you have to eat and be healthy, be scared of unhealthy food and health risks everywhere
-you have to fear foreigners
-you have to fear economic collapse, so give in to social injustice, it's for your own good (e.g. productivity went up 80% in the U.S. since 1973, whereas wages only went up 39%)
-fear your neighbor
-fear technology and science
-fear climate change (even though it may be real)

How can we beat this dreadful politics of fear? Do we even have to? Or maybe this societal fear is useful? (It makes us productive and obedient slaves - which is good?)

Can and do we have to liberate ourselves? And how do we go about?


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  • May 3 2012: Nice question. Answer is simple: No fear if you don't believe.

    When you believe the food as healthy food and eat, every article on that type of food creates fear in you. If you don't believe the food and think that every food creates some type of (minor or major) health problem for you, no fear of food. Because you are taking the food by knowing there is unknown risk. We know only few alphabets as vitamins. There are many more alphabets and symbols. So don't believe that some food is perfect for our imperfect body.

    When you believe you get high returns on your investment, fear starts from that day. No fear if you don't believe.

    When you believe foreigners or neighbours, you get fear of cheating. No fear if you don't believe.

    Why to fear technology or climate change? They are never same over a period of one year, over a period of a decade and over a period of a century.

    If you have fear of change, live one day at a time. There won't be major changes in a day everyday.

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