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What if there is an asymmetry to the way matter and anti matter respond to dark energy.

Assuming that gravity is always attractive between both matter and antimatter in all combinations, if dark energy caused attractive forces between antimatter particles then only matter could escape the early universe. The combined attraction of gravity and dark energy would pull the anti matter back into the energy field where it would be recycled into particle-antiparticle pairs. You end up with a matter based universe expanding due to the interaction of gravity and dark energy with no detectable antimatter as it unable to escape the particle factory.

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    A Borderland between Science and Philosophy.
    Both Scientists and Philosophers could be ignorant with t he exception of a few Noble
    Souls. Both of these groups do not wish to enter in to the other side of the fence. How
    to break the barrier? If we need to strive for completeness : i.e., total comprehension
    with divine understanding of (1). Science in Philosophy and (2). Philosophy of Science,
    one needs direction, Now aim must be clear :
    Scientific aspects in relation to the Universe
    Many other aspects incidental for the growth of Science and knowledge
    The gaps that may crop up – future generations to digest, analyse and progress for the
    welfare of Humanity.Search Google- Cosmology Vedas Interlinks /Vidyardhi Nanduri
    Notes: Present day Cosmology is under Revision-Need to search beyond Dark mode concepts.
    Cosmology needs best of brains trust