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Do you think that examinations are an adequate way to determine the ability of students?

I believe that testing students ability solely through examinations is not a fair way to represent each students true capabilities. Each person learns differently and equally each person demonstrates their knowledge differently, some people excel in presenting their knowledge orally, others do extremely well in exam conditions. In my opinion too much rests upon whether a student does, or does not, do well in their exams and it is not fair on those who would do equally as well but in a more practical 'as it applies in real life' approach. Do you agree? And How could we make 'testing' students fairer?

I do realise that in many subjects courseworks are required and contribute to the final grade however, I find that exams do make up the largest percentage of the overall grade/achievement. How could we tailor assessments to emphasise the abilities of each individual student and not just the few who do well in exam setting?


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  • May 15 2012: I do not think that the examinations are the adequate way to determine the ability of a student. because I have a friend who failed entrance exams. But she was one of the most talented students of the school. It doesn't mean that she didn't know the subject or she is lazy. she was very anxious about the exam and she didn't sleep all the night because she was learning and repeating the exam materials. But the result was the failure.

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