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How can we prevent those with depression from reaching the point where they want to commit suicide?

I noticed the difficulty in finding resources for mental health patients..

If you're not an immediate threat to yourself or anyone around you, the wait time to see a specialist is just ridiculous.

When we talk about illnesses like cancer, we always stress how important it is to get help for the patient at the earliest stage possible, so how is mental health any different?

Do patients need to express thoughts of suicide before they have instant access to the correct health service provider?

How can we empower the patient to seek help before it reaches to that point?

What should the system do to promote patients to be more self-aware?


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    May 30 2012: We have to consider who may be a victim of depression. Police and healthcare should watch injured persons in traffic accidents and disasters and their families. I think the number of victims of depression will decrease.

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