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One of the best ways for parents to help their children is to encourage them to take a part-time job.

Well,as far as I am concerned,in China,parents always do too much for their children,which leads to the situation that teenagers can not be as independent as they are supposed to.So maybe they should try some part-time jobs to train themslves.However,there is danger in some fields and studying always takes up a lot of time!So do you agree that one of the best ways for parents to help their children is to encourage them to take a part-time job? [Plus: If do,what kind of jobs do you think are proper? And if there are some childish grammar mistakes please point them out and forgive me~ :-D ]

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    May 4 2012: Yes It increase confidence of a child and also help him to learn some practical things.

    I think one way may be to ask children to help in parent's job it self. a little help for extra pocket money and appreciation. I understand not all jobs can help here but whatever is possible, parents should try to motivate their children for that.
    one of the part time job they can do is teaching to younger kids who are not that good in that subject or children who are poor.
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      May 4 2012: Um, I think your idea is not bad.Actually, I have tried to earn some pocket money from my parents twice or three times just like Western countries' families. But, I always gave up at last, for feeling so uncomfortable and maybe even a bit of guilty! That may sound strange... And, in my country, it is impossible for a senior high school student to get a part-time job as a tutor--few people will trust you and you are not supposed to earn money from those friends and relatives who trust you! Different cultural environment?
  • May 4 2012: I think part-time job is good. If we were in only school, we would communicate with friends and family. It may be unhealthy.

    It would be better to communicate with other generation. 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s.... Each generation has characteristic and we can learn many thing from them. And also contact with people who have totally different background.

    So I want to recommend that choosing part-time job which you can contact with wide variety of people.
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      May 5 2012: Excatly! Meeting different kinds of people is really full of fun.
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    May 9 2012: Yes, I agree. When I was a kid, it was legal for little kids to work.

    As a little girl, I was a model, not always in ideal circumstances. And as a very young teen (not during school hours), among things, I worked in in the Texas fields. That was pretty grueling, we went thirsty a lot, and we got cheated at pay time, but it did me no lasting harm. It gave me a perspective on many things that I would not have had I simply read or seen farm laborers bent over in the sun.

    When I see little kids working for their parents in restaurants, I have think they are picking up many skills their legally protected counterparts will never develop.

    Should work time take the place of school time? Maybe we should re-examine what work is, if not learning time. Maybe we should value different (less measurable) experiences as part of finding out how things work.

    So many of my college students live in fear of the unknown. Part of that is that we have rules instead of situation-specific decision-making. Rules that say you can't work until a certain age robs the young of years of development they too often have learned to shun by the time they get out of school.

    I wish my grandkids were allowed to experiment at the fast food register or pushing the broom in the bank. Why not? Maybe, a better protective law would be to put part of their earnings into a college or travel fund.

    So, yes, as long a the child is not put in harm's way, he or she should be allowed to discover what productivity feels like.
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      May 12 2012: I think it was very fortunate of you to have chances working in the fields. I know it must be difficult for a young teen.
      But, do you think that you have lost some time and chances to have fun or keep a view of a kid? For you got some skills earlier than others. Is there any negative impact?
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        May 12 2012: Sunburn. Thirst. And bending over to pick peas while dragging a long sack gets very tiring.

        But, I did not do this enough for the discomforts to have a lasting negative impact.

        There were others who had to do this every day that they could find work--every day of their lives. Seeing their anxieties and helplessness when regularly cheated taught me important lessons.

        My point is that now we have too many rules that prevent kids from the discovery that is found in work. Yes, children should be protected from relentless exploitation, but doing real labor--for pay has a value for the young laborer.

        If a child wants to do work (as long as it is not dangerous or during school time), I think we should let them--at any age. That goes for the very 8- or 9-year-olds, too.
  • May 3 2012: I agree with your observation. I think what is really important is to allow kids to become leaders, more independent and problem solvers. This can be achieved through various means, a part-time job being one, working on a small project or helping local charity is another way.

    However if kids study full time and need time to study then part-time job is not only an option. I think it depends on the specific situation. Independence and leadership can also be taught by parents by not being around as much?
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      May 4 2012: I have to say, I really enjoy the last sentence, :-P
      Well, so, what other kinds of activities do you think can help teenagers to build up good quality?
      • May 5 2012: Expose your kids to different environments and learning experiences. For example, bring kids for camping and don't let them bring any cell phone or game pad. They will experience completely different world and get a different perspective. Go for a hike or biking on trails in forest. Go kayaking etc.

        Sign them up for dance lessons, swimming, robotics etc. They will find something they love and pursue that. Engage them in a sport. They will learn how to be a team player and hopefully also learn how to lead.

        Most importantly lead by example. Show that money is not everything. Build their self confidence by giving them harder and harder tasks at home. Challenge them.
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          May 5 2012: Cool!
          Then I will try do some with my parents.THX!