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What should be the right proportion of capital investments in venture projects?

As people all over the world talk about the crawling crisis, the insufficient growth and the limits of growth, they seem to forget about the source of it - which is to discover, develop, and sell.
This is how all the big, known, now considered as traditional and safe, businesses started. They had not been always so safe.
Is the limited proportion of investment in venture projects the real reason of the limits of growth they talk about? What's the right proportion then?
Are we still bound to the way of thinking from 20th century as living in 21th?


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  • May 2 2012: In Venture Projects Hardly one can predict the future with certainty. Sudden Global Crisis, Slump in Demand or supply of raw materials, Political Crisis, Technological Changes etc are few factors that determines the fate of any venture. Market today are really unpredictable. In venture projects one should see how much project is flexible enough to cop up with the uncertainty in short can we mitigate risk is project plan properly incorporate ways for it if answer is yes then we can decide how much capital we should pour in to it. always think for long run then short run as return will come in long run only. Proportion should be based on projection keeping in view all the factors stated above.

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